Friday, July 15, 2011

Ways to Get Wet

It is Hot. Houston Hot. This means we are in the water alot. And we are always looking for ways to cool off and get wet! Luckily there is a close by splash pad and we tagged along with Ashley and M'Lee to check it out! The kids had so much fun running through the shooting water.

Bella was a little more cautious and stuck to the outside spouts!
While Liam staked out a spot right in the center of a water line and unfortunately directly under the overhead dumping buckets!
Noah of course was a pro. Absolutely fearless!
and Bella had her eye Noah. There is nothing sweeter than a boy who shares his lollipop!

After naps, we were ready for round 2 at Claire's for a very special Splash playdate! I love this group of moms and I look forward to another monthly playdate adventure each month. June was perfect for outdoor water play. When we arrived, each child received a painted bucket and shovel which was a huge hit and such a great idea! Thank you Claire!
There was a mini pool...
Not one, but two splash tables...
And our very own, backyard splashpad!
 Of course Noah and Liam preferred the man made mud puddle. All boy.
Claire served up delicious sangria and had snacks and cookies and juice for all the kiddos. It was the perfect playdate! Great idea and so much fun.

Ready for round three? Okay, so we waited a few days, but then headed out to join the Robbin's Family at the Houston Racquet Club.
When the gentleman came to our lounge chair and asked for our drink order and then brought out four frosted, frozen margaritas...When the group of families started strolling in for family movie night... After we witnessed the children's splash pool area and used their fitness and spa bathrooms to change our little ones... Bill knew he had made a huge mistake! Guess who wants to become a member?  We had an awesome evening with some amazing friends.

And how many different ways can we discover to get wet in Houston? The Domann's introduced us to this little gem. Noah's Ark is a splash and pool area at the First Methodist Quillian Center. For just $6, you gain access to both their Noah's Ark Splash area and larger pool complete with slides and diving boards. They allow you to bring your own lunch to sit under one of their shaded tables, but who could resist the snack bar filled with sandwiches, snow cones, pizza, hot dogs, ice cream and soft pretzels for mostly $1? We are racking up frequent splasher miles!
There was a small, rubber rainbow slide that they boys loved because they could climb the stairs and slide down all by themselves! How much fun is it to have boys the exact same age?
The whale was pretty popular as well.
They steered the ship.
 Talked to spitting "bebras"
and hung out under the mushroom umbrella!
The most entertainment was watching the dads climb the rope ladder with all the other children to allow our littles to experience the big boy slides!
Anything to see pure happiness!
A day with the Domann's always puts a smile on my face.

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  1. What a fun post and GREAT photography! You are amazing!! Especially like the ones with Noah & lollipop as well as Liam & Daddy under the water fountain. Wow! BaBoo, Mea