Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Toast to Alisa

Happy Birthday to a best friend. The life of the party. A genuine friend. Beautiful inside and out.
Happy Birthday to a friend that knows what you need sometimes before you know yourself. A friend that puts friendships on a pedestal. Who is always present and ties herself in knots to be at every special event whether it be a wedding or a child's birthday party. Alisa Williams is a friend you can always count on. A person that makes you feel truly special. I am so honored to be in her circle of friends! And I hope she knows what an amazing friend she is, because I just don't say enough how much I appreciate her.

Last Thursday night we celebrated Alisa... with a champagne toast, good food, and great girlfriends at RA Sushi...
 change of plans.. make that Straights in City Center!
Dinner doesn't really measure-up to her New Orleans extravaganza, and if I could have been in both Destin and NOLA at once, I promise I would have been! But we had a great evening in Houston - minus the Hurricanes!
 When it comes to giving the perfect gift to one of the best gift givers I know... I hope that we passed the challenge with flying colors! (tan and black Tory Burch colors to be exact!)
 Happy Birthday Alisa!


  1. Thank you Kate for the super sweet post!! I had a wonderful birthday and you did a fabulous job on my present! I LOVE them! Ha, you just saw me wearing them!! :) :) Thanks again dear friend!

  2. well... it was a joint gift effort as always... but I am super glad you liked them! Happy Birthday! Love ya!