Sunday, July 31, 2011


Cold beer, peanuts, the wave, cracker jacks, cotton candy, icecream out of a hat, seventh inning stretch, "take me out to the ballgame." You guessed it... baseball!

I have been waiting for the opportunity to take Liam to his first baseball game, but the thought of sitting in the hot stands with a squirming 18 month old for 9 innings wasn't a part of the perfect family afternoon at the ballpark vision. Suite tickets where he was free to roam about in the cool air and eat snacks while mommy enjoyed a glass of wine... I could see much clearer! Daddy pulled through big time! Not only did he score suite tickets, he scored the entire suite! Lucky for us we know some pretty awesome people in the energy business!
I am not sure Steve, the suite server, was prepared for 6 tiny fans... We did our best to keep the crayons on the paper and no personal items tossed over the ledge!
Absolutely no monkey business...

Liam enjoyed the homerun choo choo.
and big and littles alike enjoyed the icecream cart!
Given that the game started at 1pm and typically children under the age of two nap between the hours of 1pm and 3pm, we were all taking a huge gamble. We all agreed no judgements if there were any meltdown incidents. And we all agreed that leaving the game early would not label you a fair weather fan under these circumstances... From the looks on these faces: One would never guess it was naptime. They had a ball.
  There is something truly special about witnessing the bond between fathers and their children created through the excitement of a baseball game. Favorite memories turned into realities. They don't even have to understand the game to feel it.
It was, in my opinion, the best way to enjoy baseball with small children and fabulous friends (we missed you sweet Carin).

 I declare Liam's first Astros game a Homerun!!


  1. Great post on a Great Game (even though the astros lost in extra innings) with Great Friends

  2. Adorable! This should be a commercial for family day at the Ballpark! Very clever ladies...great way to engage the Daddies! A great looking group of young parents and beautiful babies!
    still can't figure out how to post!