Sunday, July 31, 2011

18 Months

Liam turned 1 1/2. (close mouth.)

You know those frilly little books that cost a fortune? The ones that have sections for milestones like first words, first steps, first parties, etc. Those books where you try and use your best handwriting and as you move through the pages, the content seems to slowly fade until it is time to begin another book? You know, baby books! We all have one, some where. And if you are a lucky first born most of your pages are filled out like mine! I went another route. My handwriting isn't the best and I was afraid that the pages of Liam's babybook would turn yellow and fade. I wanted there to be tons of photos and memories that could be read aloud at his wedding or read to my grandchildren about their daddy! But I wonder if he will miss having a true baby book? Do you think a yearly photo album coupled with a printed log of his milestones compares to a hand-written book of love? I mean, a little too late now right? But I guess I could sit in the floor and cut and glue and embellish a baby book. For now I will continue on this digital milestone journey...
18 months. My little blonde toddler is full of life and recently discovered a voice. As I look into those light brown, green and navy ringed eyes; I amazed at the little person behind them. He knows what he wants and absolutely what he doesn't. And there is now a voice behind those desires.
Sometimes a scream, which I am not loving! Sometimes a handwave and an All-done, whether he has started a meal or not. A strong push and a "Hot" if mommy did not blow hard enough to cool dinner. The sweetest "Baboo" when he is being cuddly. And a certain "By-Bye" when he is ready to leave. A "Nigh Nigh" for when he is sleepy and a grunt coupled with a point for "Goodnight Moon."
Every conversation with new faces is "Whook" (Look) answering back for them with "I dee it" (I see it)
I am proud to say we mastered "Peese" (Please) and working on Thank you!

And the words just keep coming! "Raf" (Giraffe), "Pea Cah" (Peacock), "Ma-mee" (Mommy), "Emo" (Elmo), "Bee Bee Bah" (Basket Ball), "Kickie" (Mickey Mouse), "Ainie" (Lainey his little girlfriend), "Oah" (Noah one of his best buddies), "Bita" (Marta, his teacher), "A dee" (Sadie, Noah's dog), "B" (Brooks another best buddy), "Geen" (green), "Ide" (slide), "Nemo" (Can you tell we went on our first road trip and watched movies?), and "Rah wus" (only half the time we get Walrus).

But we make a mean Fish Face!

Favorite toys include 59 cent alligators that Pappa bought (mostly the orange one - YOU have to play with the green one) and trains!

And this will come at absolutely no surprise since his GiGi is an artist... he LOVES to color... color in the bath, color at school, color in the car... I even bought him an Aqua Pad for water coloring on the bathroom floor while I get ready for work. He is a coloring maniac! Color, Color, Color... so far only on the paper, but I just know those crayons are gonna hit the wall sooner or later and momma is not going to be happy! We have certainly come along way from dots!

We are in to dancing. One of those quirky, get down and bounce boogies. Hopefully I will capture a good "Hotdog" dance session at the club, the Mickey Mouse Club for 19 months!

The remaining 4 incisors are poking through... Finally an entire set of teeth! We started this journey at 4 1/2 months and man I am glad to see those pearly whites appear! Poor little guy cannot stuff enough fingers in his mouth to be comfortable. They are really messing with his appetite as well. Frozen grapes seem to be the only thing on the menu!

Can they just stay little forever and ever?
Shaving with Daddy


  1. I can't believe how much he has grown! What a precious child...I love seeing expressions that are both you and Bill. I have to say the photo of Liam doing his "fish face" looks so much like Bill!!!
    Love you! xoxo (Gigi)

  2. Great post about a Great son by his Great mom. I love you and Liam so much. It is such a great feeling knowing that I am truly blessed. Ba Boo

  3. He is changing so much. This is the absolute BEST age. They are super fun, super talkative, and super investigative!

  4. Your readers want to see some pics of the wonderful mom, too. Hand the camera to Bill. Great post. Love the blog. Pop

  5. First of all, photos on the header are a super addition to great blog - love it! Second, well...he is the most precious little guy ever, not to mention the most often and creatively photographed one. Can't wait to hear "I dee it" and see the dance in person. Missin our boy! Hugs, Mea
    PS I'm with Pop. Need more pretty momma pics.