Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Wink 002 and Giveaway

Wednesday Wink 002

An Ouch Pouch. Why didn't I think of this? It's every mother, grandmother, babysitter, sports fanatic, clumsy person's super hero.

I like to think that I am a prepared mom. A magician that has everything at her fingertips. Not like when your toddler falls on his sippie cup and there is not a single butterfly band aid or Steri-strip in the entire house. (We now have two boxes)

Actually having the orajel or bottle of Tylenol in your bag of tricks deserves an applause, but finding that "rabbit" somewhere in the bottom and pulling it "out of the hat" without an attached lifesavor or past its due date would truly be magic. I stumbled upon what I consider the perfect solution. An organized way to make panic, boo boos and tears disappear.  PillowSewCute has created something remarkable. An ahh haa moment! The Ouch Pouch. A fashionable, button closer pouch that fits into any gym bag or purse filled with all the essentials. Karen makes it easy by providing several suggestions, even conducting a weekly drawing to win your "fillings!"

Customize your pouch to fit your needs. The possibilities are endless.
  • Low Blood Sugar? Stuff your small Ouch Pouch (4x5) with a couple sugar pills or hard candies, sanitizer pads, and blood test strips
  • Business Trip? Bring a small Ouch Pouch with shout wipes, hand sanitizer, mints, and a tide pen.
  • Grandmother taking the kids to the park? Send her with a medium Ouch Pouch (5x7) of band aids, polysporin(plastics recommend over neosporin), insect repellent, gauze, wound cleansing towelettes, bug bite relief, and plenty of suckers
  • Going on a Vacation roadtrip? Fill your large Ouch Pouch (6x8) with benedryl, Tylenol, tweezers, band aids, burn cream, sunscreen, thermometer, collapsible cup for water on the go, stickers, and lollipops!
  • Traveling by plane? It is the perfect carry-on, re-usable see through Medipouch (7x9) for everything from deodorant to shampoo!
  • Kids with fur? Fill a pouch with a lint roller for you and tasty treats for them!
These pouches make wonderful gifts. I gave each mom from Liam's class an Ouch Pouch in a different color pattern to use at swim lessons and beyond. And just what do I carry in my Zoo Blue Ouch Pouch?
Tweezers, Kids AfterBite, Compact Towell(white "pill" when placed into water makes a towel from Container Store), Collapsible cup (Container Store), Off bug spray, Polysporin (recommended by plastics above Neosporin), Kleen Hands (HEB), Stickers, Safety pop(because sometimes that works better than band aids), Cars/Toy Story/Animals Band Aids, Gauze, Steri-strips, Orajel one-time swabs, Forehead thermometer, burn cream, Q tips, Children's Tylenol, Benedryl chewables and wound cleansers
 I cannot tell you how many times this has saved me! and those around me as well... wink! Karen has graciously given all Kathryn's Camera readers 20% off their next purchase. Choose your size in one of over 70 patterns here and simply check out using the code KATESCAMERA. Don't forget to check out her other bags like her Boobie Bag for nursing moms!

I love mine so much that I had to give one away. The rules... Post a comment on this post before noon on Wednesday and the winner will be announced using in next week's wink. I would love to find out what you plan on stuffing your pouch with? What am I missing?
Prize includes everything shown above


  1. fingernail clippers

  2. A list of emergency numbers and/or a map with local hospitals on it!

  3. Both great suggestions.. in fact Liam scratched his nose just yesterday and maybe I can do a laminated card with emergency contacts! thanks!

  4. What a great graduation gift for those headed to College! Wonder if she would do them in collegiate colors? xoxoGigi

  5. I love this idea! I would add the smaller round bandaids. I have an emergency kit in my car that has all sizes of bandaids. Love the emergency list of numbers. That's an awesome idea! I hope I win since I didn't win the camera strap! (BOOOOOOO!)

  6. This is great! I just have a few things (tylenol, motrin, orajel, & band-aids) in a ziploc baggie in the diaper bag. -Brandi

  7. I don't think I am eligible, but how about a bottle opener for the parents drink after the injured child has gone to sleep.

  8. This clumsy girl could sure use an ouch pouch! :)

  9. Fabulous idea! I sure could've used this while raising Liam's daddy. ;) Like all your creative suggestions of multiple ways to use them!

  10. This is a fabulous item! Love it!


  11. What a great idea!!!

  12. Jessica kern

    I love my ouch pouch!!

    Jessicapinkie1 @ yahoo