Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Wink 006

Wednesday Wink 006

I get a lot of questions around firsts and when we introduced certain items or we crossed certain milestones. You have to do what works for your family and every child is different, but I am happy to share our story of firsts. And honestly, I thought I would be that mom that would remember everything... but as it turns out, I am guilty of the first year blur as well. If I missed anything you are curious about, just let me know!
Rolled to side: 1 month
Started babbling: 1 1/2 months
First real smile: 2 months
First laugh: 2 months
Slept through the night: 3 months (a very long 3 months)
Baptized: 3 months
First rice cereal: 4 months
First true rolling over: 4 months
First baby food: applesauce 4 months
Slept entire night (10 hours): 4 months
Daycare: 4 months
Blowing raspberries: 4 months
Discovered toes: 4 1/2 months
First two teeth (bottom): 4 1/2 months (and thus the weaning breastmilk began!)
First pool dip: 5 months
Sitting up: 6 months
Sippie cup introduced: 6 months
Eating soft solids like banana: 6 months
Quit breastfeeding: 6 months
Holds own bottle: 6 1/2 months
Gets up on all 4s: 7 months
6 teeth: 8 months
First words (Mamma, Da-bah, Ba Ba): 8 months
Points to nose when asked: 8 months
Began crawling: 8 months
First ear infection: 8 months
New carseat: 8 months
First football game: 8 months
First icecream: 8 1/2 months
Pushes from crawling to sitting: 9 months
Pulling up to stand: 9 months
Eating big people food: 9 months (7 teeth)
Gymboree classes: 10 months
High Five, blows kisses and "So Big": 10 months
Un-assisted standing: 10 months
Walking with walker: 10 months
Walking from sofa to coffee table: 11 months
Walking: 12 months
First hair cut: 12 months
Feeds himself with spoon: 12 months
No more bottle: 12 months (actually day before wink!)
Clapping: 12 month birthday (i know, took forever)
First cake: 12 months
First "word" like Baboo(love you): 12 months
Molars: 12 months
Recognizing animals in flashcards: 13 months
Language take-off like apple juice and hotdog: 14 months
Works the iPhone games: 14 months
10 teeth: 14 months
First ER visit: 15 months
Uses a fork: 16 months
Tubes: 16 1/2 months
Swimming lessons: 17 months
Can sit through most of a movie or entire Mickey Mouse Club episode: 17 1/2 months
Please and Thank you: 18 months
All baby teeth showing: 19 months

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  1. I did not realize how busy we have been until you put in all down in words. BA BOO