Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Wink 003 and Winner

Wednesday Wink 003


When Bill and I arrived at Babies R Us to sign-up for our baby registry, I was the overly excited first time mom. I couldn't wait to pick out all the cute baby gear items to prepare for our new arrival. We sat down, received our complementary blue, congratulation's carnation, a paper list of suggested items and a scanning gun. So as not to overwhelm myself, I started with the baby bottle isle. Simple. Picking a set of baby bottles would be easy enough, right? WRONG. ABSOLUTELY THE WRONG ISLE. There were Dr. Browns, Advent, Platex, Tommy Tippie... ones that look like mommy's boob, ones that had curved nipples... clear ones, glass ones, BPA free ones... those with plastic inserts. AND then... levels 1-5 nipples, colic free nipples, nipples for rice cereal...

I sat down in the middle of the baby bottle isle and sobbed. My excited baby shopping bubble completely burst. What was I thinking? I cannot even pick out a baby bottle. How am I ever going to be a good mom? I felt defeated and discouraged. Never again would I enter Babies R Us blind. Next time, I would be prepared for battle. The diaper battle.
Let me first say that irritating phrase that you always hear "Every baby is different, so just find what works for you." I agree, every baby is different; but I still get annoyed everytime I hear that. I want to know what works for you. That way, I can have a starting point; Make my own adjustments based on similarities or differences in our baby's size and/or habits. Give me something! So, I thought this wink I would take you through the crazy process of diaper choosing. Why are we Huggies people?

Let me give you a point of reference: Liam was born 3 weeks early at 6lbs and 11ounces. From then on out he was never considered a tiny baby. He usually measured between the 75th and 90th percentiles for height and 50th to 75th for weight. And Liam drank a ton. He can still down a juice box in nothing flat, so changing diapers is a frequent event. Liam is also a super active baby, only sitting still long enough to eat.

Based on research, tons of questions and a series of trial and error... here is what I learned
  1. Huggies are usually for larger babies while Pampers are usually for smaller babies
  2. Huggies tabs used to be more stretchy, but Pampers recently launched the caterpillar. I must pull too hard, because my Pamper's tabs just come right off.
  3. Most moms just use what they started with in the hospital
  4. Huggies give you boxtops, which most nurseries and schools collect
  5. Huggies use Disney Characters like Mickey while Pampers use PBS characters like Sesame Street
  6. Pampers create gel-like beads when wet
  7. You must compare apples to apples. Huggies Snug-n-Dry to Pampers Dri-fit. For the record we chose Huggies Little Movers, not Pampers Cruisers.
  8. Use a different diaper for nightime. Huggies Overnights are fantastic.
  9. There is a rumor circulating that Huggies are better for boys while Pampers are better for girls
  10. Both infant Huggies and Pampers have the umbilical cord indention as well as the leak indicator line - so this is a wash
  11. Pampers newborn swaddlers are generally softer
  12. Huggies little swimmers generally outperform Pampers splashers
  13. When referring to a diaper, another name for it is bring me a 'Pamper', not bring me a Huggie (that says something right)
  14. Pampers recently had the big recall for the dry-fit which was said to cause burns on some babies
  15. Right now Pampers is running about 2 cents a diaper more than Huggies, but they go back and forth.
To be honest, the Huggies didn't leak as bad for us as the Pampers and the beads everywhere when full really grossed me out. I also preferred the way Huggies Little Movers' tabs fit securely over Liam's legs. When it all came down to it, I liked my husband's approach best. He is a finance guy by trade. If Huggies could afford Disney, then they must be better quality over a free cookie monster from PBS. Whether that holds any weight, I have no clue, but sure sounded good to me!

As for wipes. No contest. Pampers. They are much softer, but buy a box of Huggies for the box. The Pampers box doesn't have teeth and getting one wipe out at a time is impossible with one hand. My advice? Buy the refill Pampers sensitive wipes and place them in the Huggies box for the perfect wiping experience.

I must know... are you Huggies or Pampers people? And have you tried the latest from Huggies, the Slip-on? Do they really work? Was this helpful at all?
And don't forget the designer diapers for hot summers. Huggies come in jeans, while Cynthia Rowley designs can be found on Pampers.

Disclaimer: Kathryn's Camera is not affiliated with Huggies or Pampers and the thoughts presented in this post are strictly my opinions based on my own experiences.

As for the winner of the zoo Blue Ouch Pouch and fillings? Congratulations Brandi! Email me your information and I will mail you, your pouch!


  1. We were a Pampers family for the first 2 years - NO EXCEPTIONS. But Natalie has always been tiny...usually between the 3rd and 10th percentile for weight and around the 25th percentile for height. She will be 4 in November and still hasn't hit 30 lbs!! But then she started getting a rash from their new dry-max formula so we switched to LUVS. Less $$ and they worked just as well. With Fiona coming in just a few months, we have stocked up on LUVS this time. Saving money plus we don't want to chance the rash!

  2. We are a Huggies family! i tried Papmers but they leaked way too easily it seemed. I agree 100% about the Huggies wipe container.

  3. When Miles was first born, we used Huggies as they were the only ones with the umbillical cord notch. We continued with Huggies just because that's what we started on. But a few months later, they started to give him a rash and the ped suggested a diaper swap. We then became Pampers fans...both the smaller ones and then the Cruisers. I never had that gel issue so many people have. They also didn't leak on my boy.

    Currently, we are in the potty training phase and school requires pull ups, but they have to have the easy reattaching tabs (in the event they go potty IN the potty and the pull up is still dry they can put it back on) and the only company who makes those are Huggies and are called Pull Ups Training Pants . (look at the picture on the side to ensure they do have the tabs as they make some that do not.)

    Wipes - I have always been a Huggies Shea Butter wipes fan. Believe me, once you smell that smell, you will NEVER want a sensitive non-smelling wipe again! I even bought some baby wash in the same scent. I wish I could find it for adults! Mmmmm........

  4. We are Pampers people. They're just so soft and from the beginning seemed to fit my girl's hineys better. We use Baby Dry and not Cruisers. It's not worth the price difference! Pampers has rewards points on all their products too. I started saving points when Abby was about 4 months old and have been able to get all kinds of free goodies.

    I do he EXACT same thing for wipes. We use a Huggies dispenser and Pampers wipes. Although, if I can find them, I actually really love the WalMart Parent's choice organic cotton wipes. They feel like CLOTH. Love them!! Very hard to find though!

    When we were potty training Abby, we went with Huggies PullUps SOLELY because of the disney Princesses (sigh). ALso, we used Huggies swimpants because they are just easier to find in more stores. I'm not really particular with those.