Monday, July 25, 2011

Star Swimmers

One of the best parts of summer is spending time in the water, but at what age do you begin swim lessons? Would you believe that there is an infant class for 6 month olds? And what possibly could 15-18 month olds learn in a mommy and me swim lesson? The results are shocking!

Stephanie, one of the phenomenal class moms, put together a semi-private lesson for our little swim stars. It was the perfect way to introduce the kids to the pool, free from anxiety of meeting new friends. And it was a bonding experience for us moms as well. A little window into their world of  play while we are away.
I was blown away watching the interaction between these little people. Absolutely speechless. To sit back and watch them communicate in their own language. They shared their snacks. No meltdowns. No hitting. No biting. Just sweet friends at play. I have never seen anything like it.
 And I would love to take credit for such good baby behavior, but this one goes to their incredible teachers. Because this is not only swim lesson behavior, but classroom behavior! I am not so naive to think that two year olds will interact in this manner, but for now I am going to enjoy this wonderful baby kindness!
We split into two groups. The girls.
and the boys! Whatever Jack did, Liam wanted to do it too!

They kicked.
They blew bubbles.
They floated on their backs (not their favorite)
They splashed their arms.
 And they jumped (stepped) off the side.

Toddler swim lessons have made a believer out of me as Liam continues to practice in the bath and other pools! I am going to be sad when next school season starts as I have grown attached to these babies and their moms. Hooray for our Star Swimmers! (their class name is Stars, in case you didn't guess)


  1. Gold medal here we come!

  2. Stars! So cute! Miles turned into a little water bug himself last week. Glad they are over their water anxiety!

  3. you are such a good blogger kate - i am so jealous! thank you for taking the lead with our little class this past year - you have truly been a blessing. not only with your creativity and organization - but with your generosity. i hope harper and liam will grow together for years to come....go stars!
    love you, stephanie