Friday, June 24, 2011

92 Candles

Bill and I have a lot of special memories of our actual wedding day, but another wonderful memory was celebrating his grandmother's birthday at our rehearsal dinner. We have had the opportunity to continue that celebration tradition living so close to her. She is such a remarkable woman and I am so blessed to be a part of her incredible family.

On June 24th, Margaret blew out her birthday candles. 92 candles (or so, wink!). A beautiful, young 92.
Liam adores his great-grandmother Margaret and lights up every time we are with her.
It was a wonderful evening filled with family and friends who truly love her.
Happy Birthday!

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  1. And may I add to my last comment (on your anniversary) grateful you're also Grandmama Margaret's second granddaughter, too! My favorite quote of hers concerning you was years ago..."Kate's a keeper. She sees what we need and then takes care of it even before we know we need it. I love that girl!" That about sums up my amazing and beautiful "daughter in love" (ok, maybe that term's a bit corny to some, but it's one several of my dear friends use and it fits you PERFECTLY!). What a gift you are to capture our family memories with your special creative and sensitive spirit. KRob, you bless us more than you know...thank you!