Friday, March 19, 2010

Monsters ate the Easter Bunny

This past week was GiGi's spring break, so Liam and I traveled to San Antonio for a visit! We had so much fun seeing Uncle Steven, Pappa, GiGi, and Gran. It was so nice to have our very own photo shoot in Liam's Easter outfit! He loved talking to the duck and laughing at his mommy! His Easter basket came early since we would not see my parents for Easter; one of the items in it? An Easter Bunny? NOPE! His very own set of monsters... Mrax and Glus! They were the cutest things ever. It was a successful trip, but we sure were glad to be home to see our daddy!
Talking to the duck...

Take this off of me... my daddy would NOT APPROVE!

Laughing with mommy!
Mrax and Glus ate those bunny ears!

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