Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Maglieri

Yes. I am very behind on blog postings. We have been super busy! It is time to slow down just a little bit and reflect...
I have known Haley since the 7th grade. We grew up in the "Can." Corsicana, Texas for those of you not familiar with the term. And although I have tons of wonderful memories of that place, I mean, it is where I met my husband, there is a reason that it is called the can. You can feel a little trapped. I like to consider Haley my "can opener!" She was always going places... she was destined for great things!

Oh the trouble we got in to. Then... and even later. When I went to visit her in Lansing, at law school it took me 2 trains and a greyhound bus to get there. Yes, you heard me correctly. I rode on a greyhound bus... now that is determination to see a friend.. haha!
This was my first encounter with Michael. He must have thought I was crazy! He carried all my luggage while Haley and I talked breathing in and breathing out catching up. He took us to dinner and even made us specialty cocktails... what a true Texas gentleman... even though he is a Yankee! I knew then that they were totally in love... that they were the perfect power couple!

Then, Bill and I took a detour from skiing in Colorado to visit Haley and Mike in their new digs. Haley and I were thrilled for the boys to meet. (Even though Haley and I were the only ones with a picture to prove it!) Haley and I spent most of the trip giggling and admiring her shiney new ring! There was another visit, but let's get on to the good stuff....
Bill had not been feeling well, but at 5am on Friday, September 24th his 103 fever finally broke and even being sick couldn't stop us from our Colorado trip for Haley and Mike's wedding. It was the first time we had ever left the baby over night, but I knew that he was in the very best hands with GiGi and Pappa!
When we arrived in Colorado, we dashed to Enterprise to pick up the rental to drive to Breckenridge! Bill was such a master driver in the mountains and we made pulled up to the rehearsal with 2 minutes to spare before it was my turn to practice walking down the aisle! The view was breathtaking. The weather was perfect. And Haley was beaming already! The rehearsal dinner was at this amazing little Mexican food restaurant with the mountains as our backdrop. It was within walking distance from Ten Mile Station where we stayed so it was perfect for margarita drinking!
I think Haley and Mike covered half the states with their attendants. Everyone had such great stories to tell...
We woke up Saturday morning to the most gorgeous day. I do not think Haley could have ordered better weather. Bill and I, used to early mornings, took advantage and walked to a morning breakfast of sourdough french toast at the Blue Moose.
The girls headed down to this quaint little shop nestled in the heart of Breckenridge to get our hair done. We started off the celebration with mimosas, cheers and more stories while the ladies teased and pinned our hair up into sprayed sculptures. Sherri, Kat, and Maddie were such fun girls. It was like we had all known each other for years.
As we put Haley in her bridal grown, it brought back fond memories of my wedding and how Haley was there helping me prepare.
But today was her day and she made a stunningly beautiful bride.
It was an amazing ceremony with the sun kissing our cheeks and the mountains at our backs. It was as if you had photoshopped us into a photo.
And then he kissed his bride and the celebration begun!
There was wonderful food. Great friends and family.
And of course a couple of toasts...
And lots and lots of dancing!
Congratulations to an amazing power couple! I wish you all the best and love you dearly! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!
And when the weekend was over and Haley and Mike set off for their Napa honeymoon... we came home to the happiest little boy who now blows bubbles and prefers ice in his water!! In exchange for grandchild spoiling, Poppa fixed our mailbox! Thank you guys for everything!!!

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