Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We had a fantastic weekend.

Friday we had a morning play date with all the mommies, babies and breakfast! I am so blessed to have such a great group of mommies to share worries with! We have all either been there... done that... about to do that... or going through it right now! It helps to have other moms to lean on. It helps to know that you are not the only one. It helps to know that you are not "crazy!" 
Little Sam was there with Sayler. It is amazing how much that precious little guy has grown since we saw him last.
And Wyatt was able to join in on more of the fun this time. He and little Sam are 5 days apart. The last play date he was just 2 months old... and just look at him now!
And sweet little Layla Grace... she was our youngest at just 2 months. It was so great to see Jackie and we all took turns passing around Layla and 'remembering' just how tiny they really were!
Then of course there were the 8 month old crew... Bella born on January 19th, Liam born on January 22nd, and Brooks born on January 27th! I am in love with this stage! Their little personalities are starting to shine. 
Brooks and Liam had us all in smiles as they were up to their usual tricks. Brooks jams out to music. Clapping and singing and bouncing around! It is a must see for sure! I am so in love with these boys. I hope they know that Carin and I plan on them being best buddies! wink!

Saturday we made the trip. The trip to College Station that is. The place where Bill and I spent our college days (well, half of mine). The place that brings back so many fun memories. The place where you "throw your arms 'round each other and sing Hullabaloo." The place that bleeds maroon!
It was Liam's very first Aggie game and it could not have been more perfect! Bill scored tickets to the Zone club and if you have not experienced college football in this fashion, you should! Air conditioning. Great food. Clean, family bathrooms. Covered game viewing. Plasma televisions. And alcohol!
Liam was just as entranced in the 'real' game as he is watching it at home on television!
As we entered the club, we literally ran smack dab into a high school friend, Luke Motycka!
And then, as we settled into our seats we hear, "Bill," and turn around to old Sigma Chi Fraternity brothers! I know Bill was excited to catch up and show off our new little Aggie.
They were so great with Liam. Those boys were passing him around and having a great time. Mitchell even let Liam chew on his sunglasses' lanyard. We loved Mitchell!
What could have made this game experience more perfect than that? Kenneth Stone, my cousin, had just received his Texas A&M ring and we were there to help celebrate with his girlfriend and my aunt and uncle! 
You are so pretty Aunt Patti!
That ring of gold is such an accomplishment and we are so very proud of all that he has done. It represents an instant, unspoken bond between Aggies.
It was so wonderful to be with family. I have always looked up to my Aunt Patti and Uncle Kenny. They are truly amazing in all facets of life. Amazing couple. Amazing parents. Amazing Christians. Amazing aunt and uncle. Amazing friends. Simply amazing to everyone they know. They are always positive and you are just happy to be with them. They have the sweetest love story. One that you might read about in a book. That sweet little "girl with a red bow in her hair" is married to that handsome, small town boy... and they shine!
And when I am missing my Papaw and wishing more than anything for him to hold my little boy... I am comforted that he is being held in similar arms. And that makes me happy!
After the A&M victory, or maybe a little before (but don't tell!)... we went for dinner and Liam experienced his first pickle! Just try and take that pickle away from him!
GiG 'EM!


  1. Alison Wylie WilliamsSeptember 21, 2010 at 11:50 AM

    Oh man I can't wait for this!!!! Liam looks right at home in Aggieland.

    So where did you get the maroon babybjorn? I must have it. And their website is no help.

  2. You are so sweet! Not too much longer and Ethan will be here! Liam loved it!

    Believe it or not, it is actually chocolate brown. Target has them in all different colors but you have to order them! Good luck!

  3. Fun times with the babies and the Aggies! Love the Aggie burp cloth....

  4. That picture with the pickle is absolutely PRICELESS!

  5. So cute - Liam looked like he had a blast at the game, those pictures are adorable! We had a great time at the playdate!

  6. What a great song. Even though I'm a Longhorn, I must say I love the Aggie tradition and unity. And will never forget the way they took care of Bill after he was hurt. You summed it up...that ring is an instant, unspoken bond. Great thing!

    Love all the pics...a favorite is Liam watching the game with his serious "game face". Like father, like son!