Sunday, September 12, 2010

Isn't She Lovely?

Isn't She Wonderful?
Friday marked the 86th birthday of Billie Love McFerran. I think anyone who has ever met her has been touched by her and her amazing compassion for others. She is truly a selfless woman putting everyone's needs above her own. She makes you feel like you are so special and everything that you do is wonderful and grand. She carries her middle name well, because that is what she makes everyone feel. Love! She is so beautiful inside and out and I hope that someday, when I am her age, people will say such lovely things about me. Because wouldn't that be the ultimate? When someone says your name they light up with a smile and have the most wonderful things to say and amazing stories to tell?

We are so in love with her as well. I am blessed to be a part of her family. And so to celebrate, Bruce drove her from Corsicana to Houston to visit us on Saturday. 

Even though the house was full of baby gear, I think she was still happy to be able to see our home and enjoy its company! We had an array of salads with toasted cranberry pistachio bread and mimosas in her honor to wash it all down.
There was lots of baby lovin' going on and Liam was in heaven. 
He was so relaxed in both his great grandmothers' arms. I think he knew how much they loved him! He tugged on all their jewelry and just when we thought we got it all, Liam would find another treasure. 
One piece of jewelry we did not have to remove belonged to Billie Love. Liam continued the tradition of the other grandkids before him of clanging her bangle bracelets together. Pure enjoyment! 
We all chipped in and started Billie Love a necklace. The starting charm? Of course, it was in honor of Liam... a tiny garnet drop outlined in gold. 
And she blew out the candles of an assortment of cupcake treats!
Tucker even had a very special puppy cupcake made by the people of Sprinkles! As you can see, he did not enjoy it at all! wink!
Thank you for celebrating your birthday with us. We miss you already!
The Group - another tripod attempt!

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  1. Kate, Ellen posted about your blog on FB, so I want to join your following. I have my own blog and can hardly find time to do it, but I am excited to see all you do!
    P.S. I love Billie Love, too, and I can still hear her bangle bracelets as she passed by my office door! Please give her my love...and Bruce and Ellen and the whole family!