Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's been 8 months

It's been 8 months since you entered into this world and you have grown so much. The past 8 months you have brought us so much joy and we have loved every second we are with you! You shine so brightly!

I blink and you have taken on a new milestone. I blink and you've changed again. I blink and you are no longer a newborn baby... You are 8 months!!!
8 months means a mouth of 5 cut teeth and a 6th starting to bud. The first upper teeth to appear just happened to be your "fangs" which were coming just in time for Halloween. We thought we were going to have a little snaggle tooth and call you Cullen until a few days ago when your upper middles decided to join their partners!

8 months has brought new sound tests! And I, being the crazy mom that I am... ag you on by participating!

With new sounds comes "Ba-Ba" which is more of a babble, "Da-Ba" which I am sure will become "Da-Da" quickly, and then there is "Ma-Ma!" Can I just say how thrilled I was to hear those words on Saturday, September 18th? A more deliberate sound! And I have to count with 2 hands now the number of times you have repeated those amazing words! I could not be more thrilled!

You are such a smart 8 month old! When I ask you where "Ma-Ma's nose" is, you proudly reach out those tiny hands and squeeze my nose.

8 months also brings perfecting your motor skills. You love to pick up puffs, bananas, etc. and feed yourself. I think it makes you feel more independent. And you are kind of getting "over" the whole baby food thing. Whatever mom and dad has.. that is what you prefer. And how to we know this? Not only do you reach for it while turning your head from some baby food, but...
On Friday, September 17th after our morning playdate... you started crawling! It is the cutest little army crawl and you are loving your new skill because it brings freedom! Just in the last couple of days you have really learned to take off and you crawl into our laps just to see what we are doing/eating! You crawl after toys and now you can get to what you truly desire... TUCKER! Tucker tries to corral you by circling you. I am not sure what he thinks about this new skill! (it is amazing how fast you have gotten... you are in a true call now. More video to come these were just very first crawl steps!)

You also know the word "up." You will reach for us and this usually means that you want us to pick you up or that you would like to practice walking. Yes... I said that dreaded phrase. BUT... neverless you have gotten good at pedaling those feet. When you hear the bath water you take off (with mommy's help of course). Walking is so very cool! But let's not get ahead of ourselves... I am still getting used to the crawling thing. Having to chase after you is hard enough already and just thinking about all of the things I need to "baby-proof" is giving me a headache!

During your 8th month you experienced the beach...

Your very first Aggie football game.

You have such a love for sports already, just like daddy. I could not try to pry you away from a sporting event on TV and you have aleady learned a "game face" when grasping a football!

Unfortunately, you also experienced your first ear infection - but you took it like a champ and didn't even fuss! And you have graduated from your infant carseat into a shiney new Britax which allows you to see out the window better! You also experienced ice cream for the very first time!

You are 21 pounds and around 28 inches (maybe a little longer). According to the books, this means you are in about the 65th percentile for height and 72nd percentile for weight.

Happy 8 Month Birthday Liam!


  1. 10PM...Mea and Pop just in from trip to LA...and what do we do first? You got it...glue our faces to the laptop screen. Continuous grinning "ooohhhs" and "aaahhhs" at our amazingly precious grandson (did I forget to mention handsome and brilliant?) and his wonderful, loving, fun Mommy. Thanks for sharing the joy with us. Happy 8 months to our wonderful Liam! We love you, all three!!

  2. I absolutely ADORE the cowboy outfit! Where in the world did you find it?

  3. Ellen... so glad you can comment again! Such kind words... mommy is a little silly, but if it makes him laugh I don't mind! Love you!

    Kristen... Mom bought it for him at the San Antonio rodeo. He is totally squeezed in and we are going to HAVE to HAVE another for Houston rodeo season! I have cowboy boots and a hat too... don;t you just love the buckle! cracks me up!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one that sounds like that on video while talking to my son. :)

    I was wondering about the cowboy outfit too.

    What a big boy he is! I think he's looking more like Daddy these days!

  5. Kate, I absolutely LOVE the video of you and Liam!!! :) He is such a precious little boy!