Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Mother's Day

This year Bill planned the perfect Mother's Day. Liam was ill with a nasty 7 day fever virus that turned into pneumonia that caused a hive break-out. Gotta love daycare! The day that we sent him back to school with a clean bill of health, we got a letter home stating that there had been a confirmed case of chicken pox. Little did I know, that just because you were vaccinated, doesn't mean that your child will not get the chicken pox. It is more of an 80/20 kind of thing and it just means that if they do get it, then it will be less severe. That would have been good to know. All that being said, we were going stir crazy! I was so excited about our Galveston trip.
My only request for Mother's Day was that we take family photographs with one of my favorite photographer's Shalonda of Chubby Cheek Photography. Being a photographer, you are pretty much behind the camera 90% of the time and while I love being behind the camera, I also love photographs of my amazing family. When it comes to capturing the joy and the love and the moments of our family... I put all my trust in Shalonda because she manages to bottle our memories every time. She continues to amaze me with her artistry. We happened to be one of the lucky few to snag one of her saltwater sessions for 2012 and it fell on Mother's Day weekend which was even more perfect.

Like I said... Bill planned the perfect weekend. He researched the area and decided on a stay at Moody Gardens. There was a sparkling pool, swim-up bar, and a bounce house right at our back door. We popped Liam in the stroller and literally walked across the street to the aquarium and rain forest exhibit. We are huge fans of the movie "Happy Feet" and so the penguins were a hit! They really did an awesome job on the details in that movie. The penguins were second only to the sea lion exhibit. There was a new baby that took quite the interest in Liam. Liam would run from one end of the glass wall to the other and the baby seal would follow and mimic him. It was so much fun to watch and gathered a pretty big crowd. We ended the evening on the beach and a fun dinner at Fish Tales.
The next day, Bill setup breakfast in the hotel and then we were off to Palm Beach after a quick Galvestonian detour. The toddler splash pad in the park area was almost exclusively ours. It was off to one side and we had the entire area to ourselves. To play, to splash and to eat lunch. We dipped into the wave pool, white sand and topped off the afternoon with a few slides before heading home. It was 45 minutes to the perfect Mother's Day getaway. I still feel as though I need to be pinched when it comes to being Liam's mommy. I cannot believe it. That I was chosen. He is such an incredible little boy and I hope that he sees me the way that I see my mom. Thank you to my amazing husband for making such an effort to create the perfect Mother's Day and for giving the best gift of all.
I am sure that you are wondering why all my recent posts have been in collage format... The truth of the matter is that I do not have to edit my photographs when they are small and with very little time on my hands these days... This is so much easier! Plus, scrolling for thirty minutes through large photos can get boring...

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