Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Father's Day

If I were to be given the opportunity to "build the perfect dad," I would build my husband. He has the biggest heart and will get down on the ground and play and pretend and wrestle with Liam like a kid himself. Somedays I just sit back and listen to the sound of their laughter and it fills my heart with joy. Our daddy will even do arts and crafts, which if you know our daddy... that may not have been his calling. Liam thinks he is the greatest artist. Liam wants to do everything that his daddy does and follows him wherever he goes. He is his hero. They make coffee together and watch sports on the sofa. How this started at age 2 I will never know... I guess he is his father's son! Bill has the greatest patience with him. Almost never raising his voice. I am in awe of that. I think one of my favorite daddy qualities is that Bill wants to spend all his time with Liam. If there is a golf game or event on TV... he will gladly put it all on hold just to throw a ball with our son. And we are totally a partnership. Bill drops off and I pick up from school. We share sick days and making meals. He is instilling values into our son that I am so appreciative of. The bond between these two is incredible and as the mommy... my cup runneth over. God blessed us with the best of the best and this is only just the beginning for these best friends...
This year we spent Father's Day just together. We had a wonderful brunch at Babba Yegas complete with mimosas. We may have ruined his surprise gift with the sneak peek of my photography sessions... but he didn't mind! We are preparing for several big weekends in a row, but having a low key weekend was just what our daddy ordered. Happy Father's Day Bill.. We love you to the moon and back.
And Happy Father's Day to two additional amazing Fathers whom without we would not be... Pappa and Pop set the bar high and we could not be more proud to be their children.