Saturday, October 9, 2010


In her own words, it was her thirty-free birthday which was cause for a celebration. And because we love her so much. Because she always does for others, thinks of others, plans for others... it was time for us to return the favor. On October 3rd, her big day... we surprised Aunt Nolie with a birthday party at grandmother Margaret's.
Maggie was simply beautiful. And even though she doesn't like to demand the room... her bright smile captured us all. She was the center of attention. Because she is so wonderful. Because we enjoy just being with her. To be around Maggie just makes you feel happy. I hope that we in turn made her just as happy.
And just how was Ellen and I to pull off such a surprise? By the help of facebook of course! I think the emails to Maggie's friends started off with a "You don't know me, but..." And those friends who weren't scared that somehow we managed to track them down... were delighted to be a part of the surprise. She has wonderful friends. It was really great to finally put faces with names!
There was friendship and wine and an amazing Olive Garden dinner!
Topped off with a singing candle blow out and cupcake goodness!
Both cousins were there to fill the arms of great-grandmother love.
Hadley was so petit. She was dressed in polka dots to match the birthday girl and was just so sweet and girly! We just love her amazing parents.
Our little sweetheart showed up with his strawberried nose, spit up and pure boy attitude! He was a little ham and was in to exploring everything. He had a great time at the party.
Bruce, Ellen and Nancy wouldn't have missed it for the world... and Nancy had a little birthday celebrating of her own.
It was one, wonderful evening...
Happy Birthday Maggie... we love you!


  1. Thanks for being our amazing KRob, instigating the surprise and for the wonderful blogs! We love you!!

  2. Great times!

    Love it. I'm going to be Thirty-Free in a couple of weeks myself..