Monday, October 18, 2010

Little Lemon that Could...

I have a ton to blog about from this weekend, but first... a story about lemons. Yes, lemons...
When Bill and I moved into our first apartment in Houston, my mother gave us this little lemon tree. It was a little crooked, but ours none the less. And no matter how much we neglected it. No matter how many places and spaces it has seen in the past five years, it seemed to "survive."

And up until it moved into our new home, it was not a fruit bearing lemon tree. All it seemed to produce was a little furry friend that we did not weed out, but left for it to enjoy.
Last year it produced a single lemon! At first we thought my mom had mixed up the trees and thought it was a lime tree... But she was right, the sweetest, juiciest, sun-ripened lemon.
 But this year, we have the happiest little, crooked lemon tree! It flexed it muscles and showed us that it could hold on to 8 beautifully ripened lemons and 2 more on the way. Yea for Lemonade!

1 comment:

  1. Very crooked indeed. What IS that furball?

    My Mexican Lime tree died this summer. Boo.