Sunday, October 24, 2010

9 Months You Say?

Around this time last year, I was checking into the hospital with pre-term labor contractions and I was sentenced to strict bed rest until January. It is amazing that a year later, I am holding a perfect little 9 month year old baby boy! 9 months means that we had another doctor checkup to see progress and get those nasty 9 month shots.

It took about a week for you to truly master the art of crawling and you are super fast and into everything! It is still a cross between an actual crawl and an army crawl so you glide across the hardwood floor like spiderman! Lately you have picked up on how to push yourself from a crawl to a seated position and that really makes me happy as I no longer have to help you!

And you are practicing that upper arm strength in many attempts to pull yourself up on items like shelves, coffee tables, fireplace, and most recently the bathroom ledge where we keep Tucker's water bowl.
 You can pull yourself from your knees to a standing position, but you have not figured out that when you let go because there is just no fear... you will fall. Balance is not a mastered skill yet!

One of my favorite times of the day is in the morning while mommy and daddy are getting ready. Our bathroom lends itself to a perfect play pin for all of your toys and plenty of Tucker kisses!
 Favorite word is still Da Da, but we have added a hand wave for "Bye Bye" that is completely adorable. So we are up to da da, ma ma, ba ba, and a wave. You also point at my nose and open your mouth for a kiss.
Who wouldn't love this silly "Da-Da"
Another favorite would have to be the swings... ever since GiGi and Pappa introduced you, you have been a big fan. Laughing and squealing with delight as the breeze catches your face.
You have 7 teeth which I still cannot get over and we brush them twice a day with apple/banana baby paste which you love!
What to do with all those teeth? Eat people food! Your favorite is Ravioli. This picture says it all!
Anything you can pick up and independently consume.. you want. Cheese, Peas, little carrots, ravioli, pasta, small pieces of chicken, vienna sausages to name a few! Did I mention vienna sausages? We bought these super cool bibs to catch all the pieces that miss that tiny mouth and when you thought you were finished with your meal... you discovered the bib pocket and dumped it into your mouth. I was laughing hysterically while scrambling for the camera...
It is fall season and we were so excited to hit the pumpkin patch. Pumpkins, grass, and hay took away your attention most of the time, but we had fun anyway!
What I meant to say was pumpkin patches! We hit up a few!
And we took a great trip to Dewberry Farms. You truly enjoyed leaning over the bridge and watching the ducks at the pond!

Doctor confirmed that you are 29 1/2 inches in height and 21 1/2 lbs! No wonder my arms get tired! That places you in the 90th percentile for height and 75th for weight. That head is 18 inches which is still in the average range of 50 percent!

I am so excited for the holiday season and all of your new experiences....


  1. So much fun, those boys!

  2. What great pictures, he is such a cutie and is getting so big!