Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Festival & Pumpkin Carve

I love our neighborhood. It isn't the flashiest. The houses don't reach to the sky or require gated entrances, and many owners still mow their own lawns. What we don't have in money we make up with people. We have a super involved women's club and we get together each month to talk about the 'important' stuff over wine. And when one of the neighbors is in need, there is a line out the door of family prepared meals to lend a hand. Our neighborhood feels like the ones people talk about. We walk down to the duck pond to feed the ducks. Every other house contains a tree swing, and there is almost always a sports game going on in the street. If anything suspicious or out of the norm is going on you can expect at least three different telephone calls. Again, I love our neighborhood.

This Saturday was the Fall Festival and we were thrilled to be able to take Liam out to join in on the fun. The littles were all to dress in their Halloween costumes, but since it was hot and the Aggies were playing... Noah and Liam went as Texas A&M football players!
There was BBQ, face painting, bobbing for apples, a cake walk, and pumpkin carving contest.
There were ribbons for the best costumes...
My personal favorites were the little guy in the dinosaur and the homemade poodle!
The boys loved the swings...
And Noah enjoyed a turn on the teeter totter!
Liam seemed to love watching all the littles run around. I know he is itching to be big enough to play on the playground!
When the sun went down, the haunted house opened and Ashley and I tried to use the grave yard as a photo opportunity. That worked out well...
The fire pit was lit for smores and the tennis court was made into an outdoor theatre for "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." Everyone gathered their blankets and folding chairs to find the perfect viewing spot.
While the other littles enjoyed the show, we took Liam and Noah home to "carve" the pumpkin! They make these super fun plastic potato head parts to decorate with which keeps carving knives out of the picture. We would like to keep all ten fingers and toes!
Noah giggled with delight over changing the eyes, nose and ears on the pumpkin!
Our finished project was a masterpiece!
After a fun filled evening and messy dinner we gave the boys a bath... Splish Splash! I am not sure if Ashley and I got more soaked or the boys. Noah showed Liam how to really make waves and Liam was absolutely thrilled! Noah is way more fun than mom!

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  1. I love each entry more than the last! You are wonderful, KRob. Thanks for sharing life with us in such a special and creative way. Love it...keep em coming!!