Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dewberry Farm

Sunday we set out on an adventure to Dewberry Farms with the Kerr family. The weather was perfect and we were thrilled with the opportunity to take photos in the pumpkin patch.
This 16 acre pumpkin patch was so much more than just pictures with the pumpkins! First stop was the Golden Goat Bridge where goats actually walked up steps and across high suspension bridges for treats. We preferred to watch Ben feed the "gopes" their quarter treats from below. Watch out for those teeth!
We jumped on the wagon to circle around the tree farm and into the pumpkin patch... little did we know that standing in line for the ride that was actually walking distance from the farm was kind of silly, but fun none the less.
We stumbled upon a lonely wheel barrow and propped the kids and a few pumpkins in to create the perfect scene for a patch photo. Getting the boys to take their interest away from the bright orange pumpkins and smile for the camera was not an easy task. The surrounding guests probably did not enjoy our background music of bible school songs including "I've got the joy" and "Deep in my heart" coupled with crazy mom yells to grab our littles attention.
We did manage a few family shots but we quickly learned that it was snack time!
On the menu was sausage on a stick, roasted corn on the cob, and snow cones!
The Kerr family took their turn at the duck pond races...
And Noah enjoyed meeting all of the little farm animals! It was so much fun to see the farm through his eyes...

We all enjoyed the duck pond!
To wrap up a wonderful afternoon we stayed around for the pig races. The "soo-ee" was never my favorite Aggie yell, but for the sake of the pigs we all spoke their language as they raced around the track to a finish!
 Liam enjoyed the race from the comfort of daddy's arms.
See you next year!

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  1. Fun times. I think we are headed there in 2 weeks.

    And did you seriously change his outfits at the farm just for pics?