Friday, December 30, 2011

A Robinson Christmas

It was a Christmas celebration that didn't end...

After a private Jesus party and a wonderful Christmas in San Antonio, we got home to Houston just in time for a very special Robinson family Christmas. 
I couldn't wait to see Liam's face when Mea and Pop brought in his very own horse to ride. He has been talking about riding horses since Colorado. And the pony in SA and Sam's house and every single merry-go-round in sight! When Bill was little, they had a spring horse "springfellow." Let me just say that they have come a long way from "springfellow." Would you believe this horse? That gallops and neighs and has realistic features? That has now taken up residence in my formal living room? I think everyone should have a horse in their living room.
And I know a little boy that would most certainly agree.
I think we might have scared him a bit with all of the excitement upon our horses arrival (we are letting Liam name him). But it wasn't before long that Liam fell in love with his magnificent spring horse! I knew he would. All of Liam's friends are in love too!

One of Liam's favorite activities this year was being the designated present passer outter. He did a great job and in pure Robinson family tradition we gathered around to start the opening process. You see... there is an organized process to this family Christmas. Much contrast to the everybody rip and tear and the "hey did you get my... and how did you like my... and oohhh I love that" kind of Johnson Christmas. Bill and I are working towards a happy medium for our family. With the rip and tear method, you don't get to see anything that you so carefully chose for the recipient. And Christmas is over is a flash! I guess with a toddler, rip and tear is going to our method not by choice. But the one present each taking a turn method last for hours and you have no idea the pressure when all eyes are on you to open. Or the competition to be the last to open their gift (ummm Maggie and Bill). Gift opening is a science I tell you! I love that we have a little bit of both and I can definitely see why the mom is always last to open their gifts.
I might have rubbed off on Ellen and she has taken on the art of stocking gathering and I LOVE her for it! She is getting better than me at finding treasures. I mean, she even had a "spillover" stocking bag. So much fun.
One of my favorite presents for Liam last year was the Little People Nativity set. We Liam discovered this year that the Angel on top when pressed down sings "Away in a Manager." We must have danced and sang to this a thousand times. Liam also preferred the sheepdog to sit atop the manager, but hey... he is telling this story. We learned about Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus. Liam HAD to kiss baby Jesus every night. It truly was the sweetest thing of all. This year, Mea outdid herself and added the entire birth story to fill our hearth. What an incredible way to learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Bill should have saved this next gift for last. Great Grandmama Margaret (with a little help from Aunt Nolie) gave Liam a trampoline which came at the perfect time since Liam officially learned to jump just days before. Little did we know, some assembly required and assemble we must.
With a little help from mom, we had the trampoline up before bedtime! HUGE hit. Although, they should have thrown in an extra pair of jeans since Liam's are now too large for him from all the jumping. And you can forget storing this away. Liam WILL find it. and you WILL have to put the legs back on. It is a toddler home invasion...

We could not have had a more blessed Christmas. With birthday help and help all around for Christmas, I am now on the waiting list to receive my professional grade camera when it finally hits the shelves and I cannot wait. I have such a passion for photography and really trying to launch into the business doing what I love on the weekends for now. This camera means taking it to a new level. The anticipation is killing me. Thank you for helping making my dreams come true to everyone that pitched in!

Bill received an iPAD3 placeholder. He is the patient one. And yes, I am going to be jealous when his is the latest version... but I am so happy that he will be able to share in the apple fun! (he's still rockin the blackberry).
With the special gifts from Aunt Nolie's trip, new foot stool, etc. etc. etc.  ETC... we were rich! Rich in the abundance of gifts, but mostly rich from the amazing love and support of family whom we love very much. Merry Christmas!
With a little help from Mea and Pop who so graciously distracted our little guy at the park while we packed(sorry I don't have those photos), the Christmas tree was down and the mantels were naked by lunch. All of that hard work called for some more horse play!
And a wonderful final evening meal at Brio in the city center. We love you guys!

Our bags are packed and ready to ring in the new year in New Orleans! see you in 2012!

(and yes.. I promise I was present throughout the festivities! wink...)


  1. Merry Christmas to the family! With a 2 year old I think the present opening was more chaos than usual. Great description. I love you all.

  2. I am all about the one gift at a time!! I love it! :)

  3. Chaos or not, it was a sweet and fun family time! We are a blessed family and I love you all.