Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa's Lap

We took these three monkeys to the mall to see Santa...
And I am pretty sure that the others in line around us were glad when our turn was over, but hey... you try keeping ~2 two year olds and a ~3 year old satisfied in line for an hour... They might have jumped on some benches and tugged on a few ornaments, and Liam might have frowned for the camera while Brooks' mom got a lecture from Santa about not giving children choices when sitting on Santa's lap. Really Santa? How about lessons on not traumatizing your child if he doesn't want to sit in your scary lap! or on lecturing pregnant women? I mean, he gave you a high five... what else do you want? Noah was the only one that smiled for Santa and his photo turned out so cute... I noticed that my 2 year old Santa photo had a similar scowl (i totally marked that poor child). I will post our photo for your entertainment later.
We hopped on the train and traveled around the mall like "those" moms, finishing off the evening with a perfectly balanced chicken nugget dinner! It was such a fun evening!


  1. These three boys are sure blessed little guys to have "those" moms as their mommies! What a great Christmas tradition and memory...thanks for sharing. So grateful you're my grandson's mommy. BaBoo