Monday, December 5, 2011

22 Months

Just because I am behind, it doesn't mean that 21 and 22 months don't deserve separate posts!

Oh my goodness... there are only two more months that I get to hear Liam answer "How old are you?" with a very loud 1! I guess we should start practicing for 2. As I said before, this is one of my favorite ages. They are little sponges and you can see the light bulbs going off. I love that Liam is getting better at communicating which means I understand him more and more. Sometimes the communication... wait, let me back that up... most of the time the communication is "nooooo." It is not a mean no or a yell. It is a sweet, drawn out little no, but a no it is. "Yes" is just not in our vocabulary right now. Bill and I are trying to use yes whenever and wherever possible to help with this distinction; however climbing on the coffee table is no, standing up in the chair is no, pulling Tucker's tail is no, going outside when it is cold and rainy is no, throwing anything but balls is no, eating cookies before dinner is no... I mean, I can understand why he only gets no. We are finding ways to yes, I promise!
I pulled out the flash cards to see just how many Liam knew... we went through the entire 3 boxes and he needed help on a mere 4 cards.... I was so proud! We are recognizing shapes and can identify and name aloud the following colors (in part because of Pete the Cat that we can now recite top to bottom, songs included): red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, black, brown, pink, and white. And we skip 1, but we can count to 10 all by ourselves. As far as ABCs, Liam likes to sing the "LMNOP" part, but that is about it!

For the very first time Liam went potty in the big boy potty. He has been quite interested in flushing the potty, and for the first time, came out of nowhere, pulled the stool up to the potty and pushed his little bottom out just like daddy. He missed a bunch, but the concept was totally there. Our pediatrician recommends teaching boys to stand... I still struggle with how this is possible. We are no where near ready to start this journey of potty training, but I would love to hear your stories of how and at what age did you teach your boys to go big potty. Did they sit or stand? And what did you call it? I mean, if you pee pee in the potty, then what do you call the male parts? Oh dear...

Liam loves to sing and dance and as we prepare for this holiday season I love all of his reactions. He loves to play with the nativity set (Little People) and the first time he noticed the tree (after his nap) my little guy went running and pulled on my arm to see. He pointed out all the ornaments, clapped for me and said "ewwww, wow, mommy tree!!!" I could not have asked for a better reaction. And since all of my ornaments are blown glass, I worried that we might be getting a new bus or firetruck... not a single one broken to date thanks to the Riley's tip of the "One Finger" rule. Fantastic.

Recently Liam discovered the boots in the bottom of his closet that matched those of his fathers. That he could care less about at the time that I purchased them and now that they are a size too small wanted to wear them. So, like good parents, or suckers... we took Liam to Cavenders to choose another pair of boots. Yes, he chose them. Well, first he chose the red pair and well, daddy was not too thrilled. We ended up taking the fake ostrich to the counter. Along with the riding stick horse... I know, suckers! This kid is such a cowboy.. no idea where he gets it though!
Liam loves football and everytime sports (any sport) comes on TV, he shouts to the top of his lungs "Go Go Aggies" which would make his grandparents proud... haha! We went to our first game with the Domann's back in October and the boys absolutely loved it! See you in another month!

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  1. Any ideas on how to slow him down? This is going way too fast!