Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Family Christmas Tradition

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. It is also the busiest! With all the family and friend and school and work activities, it is hard to find time for just the three of us. Bill and I have been doing our own, family Christmas since we were married in 2005 and it is one of my favorite traditions for the Robinson III. No matter how busy and chaotic it gets, we made a pact that we would always carve out a little space for our little family. A little time to cherish each other as a family unit and exchange presents.

This year we built a fire and started out the evening with a little cookie decorating. Liam loved rolling the "playdough" and cutting them into Christmas trees, stars, and santa shapes. When it came time to ice and glitter, Liam was all over it! Each shaker was lined up and ready for action.
Cookie decorating is a very serious activity.
You need to be able to concentrate in order to create these works of art!
We got cleaned up and dressed in our Christmas pajamas to exchange presents. The stocking is always first and still my favorite. I have such a wonderful time "collecting" little trinkets that will stuff in a stocking throughout the year.

It is a total treasure hunt for mom and my boys!
Liam received clothes and Sperry shoes and as if he needed more toys there was a tee-ball set, bucket of gears, play food for a soon to open kitchen and an educational, Fantacolor Junior for creating mosaic art!
Christmas was amazing this year... I felt like a kid at Christmas myself seeing the magic through Liam's eyes!


  1. Where did you get his PJ's- they are too cute!

  2. Great pictures from a great evening. Thank you for capturing the special moments in our life.

  3. Such a joy to see you plan and capture beautiful family traditions for your own family. Blesses my heart as Bill's mom to know his sweet wife makes special family times so extra special. BaBoo, KRob!