Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Robbin's Fall Festival

The Robbin's put on one incredible Halloween Party Fall Festival. Let's just call it what it was... a total Fall Festival complete with onsite Taco truck for a made-to-order meal, party tables, bounce house, playground, photography setup, balloon clown, pumpkin patch, craft section, and the list continues. It was the very best Halloween party I have ever attended! We had a blast!
I loved seeing the kids all dressed up. The torture of hot and uncomfortable costumes sure make adorable photos!
Bill convinced me to wear the most ridiculously concocted outfit in the name of family Halloween fun. Looking back, wouldn't have just been easier to to carry the clubs and be a caddy? Oh the things I get talked in to! As a trio, I will admit I thought we were pretty cute, but when away from my "crew" I got some pretty interesting looks.. people could just not figure this idiot out... You should have seen the lightbulbs going off after I picked up my son and carried him on my hip! Get it?
The weather was awesome and it was the perfect kickoff to the fall season! Thanks Robbin's family once again for such a fun afternoon. I say lets do it all again next year... what do you think, Greg? wink...


  1. What a FAB party! puts mine to shame...

    And seriously...a golf tee? Next year Bill has to wear the dork costume! :)

  2. What is with all of your friends and the crazy extravagant parties!? Love it! Can I be in your circle of friends?? :)

  3. It was a stroke of genius! Get it "stroke". Thanks for not getting too "teed" off at your hubby!