Friday, December 23, 2011

Sayler is OLD

Okay, so not really... I used to think that 30 sounded so old, but as I stated previously, I cannot wait to turn thirty. Don't get me wrong, I have loved my twenties, but it just seems as though you are not really taken seriously until 30. I feel like thirty gives you some rights. Some rights to not care what others think, some rights on motherhood, some rights on no longer being the "green" one at the office...

Sayler entered into her thirties with grace and beauty. We have such a special friendship and I absolutely love her to pieces! She is just plain fun to be around. Period. She has such a positive attitude on life and our friendship seemed to have happened instantly. Not gonna say love at first sight, cause umm that would be a little weird... but really... we totally bonded. She is a true friend and I am so blessed that she is a part of my life. Happy Birthday sweet Sayler... even if we celebrated almost 2 months ago!
We pretty much share the same view on most things. Have the same odd ticks like twins separated at birth. She is the only person I know that feels as passionate about cotton candy and I am almost certain the only person I know that will NOT eat anything in the blue family. No blue m&m's (I did not vote for this color), no blue icing, NO BLUE. Blue is not a editable color in any circumstance. Of course for her birthday, I found the perfect present next to the "real" machine.
We let the kids play and then put them in bed and enjoyed an evening of battle of the sexes Scrabble until almost mid-night! It was a total blast... even if the boys totally cheated!
Thanks for being such an incredible friend and here's to turning 30! Love you!

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