Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trick or Treat

We mastered the art of "Trick or Treating." Run to door. Ring bell. Say peese, I mean, tick teet. Grab candy. Unwrap lollipop for the rode. Jump in wagon. Repeat!
Remember this little green turtle from last Halloween? It is hard to believe that we went from crawling last year to running this season!
By the end of the evening, Liam didn't even wait for precious Lainey before running to the next door. They were LOVING it!
 One sweet neighbor asked Liam "which type of candy" would he like... I just laughed, like... he is not even two lady... Liam quickly replied M&M!!! Maybe I should re-evaluate things if my son already knows M&Ms. I mean, the doctor said to take chocolate with medicine to settle the stomach. I will blame it on the runny nose! Or the fact that his Pappa's diet consists of diet coke and M&Ms!
Did I mention how much we love the Hortons? How much fun it is to have wonderful neighbors and how much we love spending time with them? Halloween is SO much better with neighbors that you love. Lainey was the most adorable little ladybug and Liam did not mind sharing his wagon at all!
Once we discovered the lollipop, it was all over! Try prying that sticky mess from Liam's hand. Not a chance!
We met up with some more friends and filled our pumpkins to the top!
Then, we headed back to the Hortons to share pizza and chocolate fondue! And of course check out all our loot!

Happy Halloween! What green costume will we think up next?

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