Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sweet as Pumpkin Pie

Kristen waved her wand and turned a pumpkin into a magical second birthday party. From the bounce house to the incredible party favors, it was amazing. Walking up their pumpkin lined driveway set the tone for the afternoon. The main dining table was covered with sugary sweets from chocolate dipped pretzels to cupcakes in all flavors to one of my all time favorites... candy corn! It quickly became a favorite of the birthday girl herself. There were juice boxes hand wrapped in orange with jack-o-lantern faces and sandwiches cut into pumpkins. There was orange soda pop in glass bottles and a margarita machine for the adults. The children were running from indoor activities to the castle bounce house in the back yard squealing with excitement and grinning from ear to ear through pink cheeks from all the hard play. Two things to remember: bounce house and bubbles!
Kristen may be a lawyer by day, but she is one heck of a party planner! I am so grateful to her for all of her mommy tips, advice, pregnancy care package with what you really need as a new mom, and the amazing support and friendship on this parenting journey. She is an awesome mom with a beautiful little girl that lights up the entire room. Her smile is contagious and anyone she comes in contact with falls immediately in love with her and her hugs. Growing up in the same small town, I think Kristen and I get each other pretty well. It is amazing the direction life takes you and I feel truly blessed that our paths have crossed over again. Not only to we share the same home town, but the same sorority, similar aged children, jewelry, wonderful photographer, (love for all things smocked)... the list goes on and on. It was pretty special for Liam to be "taught" how to glue pre-cut fondant eyes and a mouth to his pumpkin cookie and how to place stickers to decorate his pumpkin by my (and Bill's) kindergarten teacher, Kristen's mom! How much fun is that? Of course all the children gathered around her and wanted her help decorating... its no wonder why all her "students" love her so!  We laughed and played until Liam started to turn back into a pumpkin!  Thanks for including us on such a special day. Happy birthday sweet Caroline!

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