Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Wonderland

When we pulled up to GiGi and Pappa's for Christmas, we entered into a Christmas wonderland complete with a towering Christmas tree decorated with rotating ornaments, stockings, 6 foot Santa... it was something out of a storybook and Liam's reaction was all worth it. He went straight for the incredible tree that GiGi had been perfecting since October and stared in awe shouting out the biggest "wow!!" It had that wow factor for sure.
GiGi had the entire trip planned for weeks and first up on the agenda was a dinner barge on the River.
 I love the Riverwalk at Christmas. It is so beautiful.
It takes your breath away... or maybe that was the unexpected cold weather. Good thing we were drinking frozen margaritas! Leave it to my mom to be totally prepared for this sort of thing.
Toboggans for everyone!

The next day we showed off our mad cooking decorating skills. Gran ate all the burned ones...

And because this is an artistic family, I attempted to branch out in colors and styles. I am pretty sure mom had every shape of sprinkle. We played a new game this year... "The Piggie Game." Each person had a piggie bank that mom had collected change in throughout the year. We had to guess how much money was in our piggie and the closest won a giftcard. Steven won, as freakin usual! (cheater!) We are in no way shape or form competitive. And of course mom shouted out that if we were going to be sore losers that she didn't want to play.... she knew this would get ugly! hahaha... and in pure GiGi form, everyone won the money in their piggie! oh mom, I love you!

Mom even had a little tree for Liam to tinsel!
Before Christmas Eve service I took over the role of monster photographer and "made" everyone pose in front of the tree with my handy tripod and remote control! Steven was thrilled to model while I got the lighting right... and it wouldn't be a family photo without a little horsing around!
But we finally managed a decent photo and rushed out the door to make church.

When we got back, and after Liam's introduction to the Candy Cane... mom put together a great Christmas Eve meal to munch on while we prepared for Round 2 of holiday games. Holiday Trivia was so fun and mom had 7 envelopes of assorted gift cards as prizes. Gran was a master of Trivia and I even won two rounds! Liam passed around icecream bites while we played.

And then he convinced Pappa to play a game of the toddler kind before bed!
I chose the most adorable set of red family pajamas only to discover they were sold out at the last minute. So... I ordered a backup pair and well, didn't anticipate how tight-fitting and bright they would actually appear. I honestly thought my husband was going to KILL me. And that there would be no way on this earth he would wear his... but he did... I seriously have the best husband in the entire world for playing along. He promised to play, and I promised not to share... but I was allowed this sneak peek!

Christmas morning we woke up and proceeded to pounce on Uncle Steven to wake up.
Then slid down the stairs to unveil what Santa had left behind. It was everything that I hoped it would be for Liam. I want stairs in my next home simply because of the vision and memories of my own childhood of Christmas morning banister rides into playland.
Liam absolutely loves his new kitchen and mom and dad are glad that Santa brought just the right size! (Thank you GiGi and Pappa) Would you believe that Elf GiGi put this beauty together?
We were overwhelmed with "santa's" generosity this year. With a king ranch hunting bag, ipad, Frye boots, kitchen set, etc... We must have been extra good this year. Liam's coffee mugs from here were a huge hit and he was so proud of them.

One of the biggest adult hits this year was the electric flying helicopter from Gran.
And it wouldn't be Christmas without a little football.

Liam got the most adorable hat from his school friend, Harper! We just love Harper and her amazing mommy... the hat made the cutest photo op! Thanks girls!!

The Christmas table was set....

for a feast with kings!

It truly was stunning and our caterer (Gran) prepared the most divine meal. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water.
Topped off with the richest toffee sticky pudding and ice cream. Heavenly!
The puppies celebrated Christmas with us as well. Under the table, we had the pound puppy, Murphy. The spoiled rotten lop-sided granddog, Tucker. Tessa, the royal highness b*tch and Happy go lick you, Addie! We love our crazy crew!
It was a very special Christmas. There are no words to properly describe the experience. I love my family so much and had such a wonderful weekend... Baboo! and Merry Christmas...


  1. I'm overwhelmed Kate....love reliving every moment...you made our Christmas so special this year...I know you were everyones "elf" and personal shopper...I love you with all my heart! xoxo Mom

  2. Great story telling and great pictures from a Merry Christmas!