Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Glimpses Week 1

One of my favorite photographers, well, people in general has been posting inspirational shots of her "everyday" life with her precious girls. You can check out Shalonda's work on Chubby Cheek's Photography Blog here... and you might just catch her on the tail end of a fabulous 12 day giveaway! It was so moving for me that I wanted to attempt to create these moments for our family as well. It wasn't until joining the Chic Critique forum here and the kick off of their "Glimpses Project 52" that I got a kick in the pants and the jump start that I needed. It is amazing when you really stop and take a moment what beautiful memories you can capture in the simplicities of everyday life. I am excited about embarking on this new journey and while I may not make every week, I hope to capture as many of our day to day activities as possible. Please also excuse the horrible first entry. The light is in the harsh of the day and there are so many imperfections with the shot it is almost embarrassing to post. However... when you hear its music for the first time in such a long time, you remember the magic of the ice cream man. We went rushing out the door without shoes and money in hand and after a little "tracking" brought the ice cream truck to Mea and Pop's small town front door for Liam's first Entertainer experience.


  1. I scream! U Scream! Liam Screams for ICE CREAM!