Sunday, January 29, 2012

Glimpses Week 4

Bad habits start young, but it was his birthday... and his daddy was doing it...

Join us and the Chic Critique gang as we are inspired by daily glimpses in our everyday lives. It has truly been so much fun!


  1. Love this sweet...and love the colors in the background.

  2. Like father like son! Besides the table is the perfect height...

  3. Photo is priceless!!

    And those cute little feet...what can I say? The Dad didn't get to do this growing up...well not so much at our house, at least. Coffee table wasn't very foot friendly. But then there was Grandmother's house...I still remember the first time I saw those Robinson men plop their feet on her beautiful antique coffee table. And now...well, they've finally worn me down and I do it too. Even bought a table that's "the perfect height". Sigh...

  4. OMG i times a million