Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joy Ride

We have some of the greatest friends. Friends that have been there through it all. Friends that love us and support us. Friends we travel with, laugh with, love with, and experience with. We have been truly blessed with amazing friends. We met them in all aspects of our life. Whether through school, or church, or work, or children; each one of our friends holds a special place in our hearts. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky? I quite literally have someone to call in any situation... for the good, the bad and everything in between. We have some pretty cool friends on top of that. I mean, way cooler than us.... because cool friends drive a Ferrari!
When the Petersen's invited us to dinner, I was so excited to catch up. Imagine my excitement when Chris opened the garage to show us the car we would be arriving to dinner in? They are so cool. I mean, my big sister cool factor got major points this day!!
The boys loaded into the fiery red convertible as we buckled the kids into the mom wagon. I am sure the boys were piping "Free Fallin" as they raced down the highway. We were listening to a screaming match between toddlers. As we rounded the last loop of the parking garage to park on the top floor and climbed out of the seats (mind you Ashley is carrying two small children), and arrived to see that the valet had provided time for queso and first round of drinks... we both thought to ourselves, what is wrong with this picture?
On the way home from a wonderful dinner, it was the girl's turn to experience a joy ride. Ashley jumped in the driver's seat like a pro. She was one hot pregnant momma in a red Ferrari! As we pulled out, we got cat called and turned quite a few heads... little did they know our husbands and children were in the car behind us! haha!!! It was nice to get a little attention, even if it was only for the car!
 We were totally cool... sort of!
Thank you for sharing such a fun evening with us! We love you guys! And cannot WAIT for baby Scarlet to arrive!

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