Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet Meredith Turned One

Lollipop, lollipop... ooh lolly lollipop. This sweet sugary goodness turned one. Adriane created a candyland walkway entry and gave circular bubblewands packaged like lollipops for favors to go with theme. She did a fantastic job transforming their backyard into a sweet celebration. And Meredith.... oh my goodness beautiful Meredith!!! With her long lashes and contagious smile... she was definitely the star of her show and Liam noticed... just sayin! She totally melts my heart. We are very much in love with her parents as well and I am so thankful for their friendship. Truly wonderful friends. We had as much fun or more as the little ones... even though I may have crashed a wine glass trying to capture a photo of these really delicious twins in turquoise! It was a gorgeous afternoon celebrating one amazing little girl's milestone. Happy Birthday sweet girl!


  1. Beyond beautiful little girl and family! LOVE that smile!!