Monday, November 21, 2011

A visit to SA

Oh my goodness, could I really be a month behind on blog postings? I used to be so much better at this! With all the new activity around Kate Robinson Photography, new project kick-offs at the office and the normal hustle and bustle of everyday Robinson life; I guess I had to let one aspect get a little behind. Trying to give 110% in every activity is just plain hard. And with the holidays approaching this could get out of control! BUT... it will all get digitally documented. Even if it is a month late...

About a month ago, we made a trip to visit my parents in San Antonio. A fun, relaxing trip to get caught up and share some much needed hugs! We always enjoy GiGi and Pappa visits and this time was no different. Did I ever tell you that one of GiGi's favorite holidays is Halloween? I know, Halloween. right? Maybe that is why I like candy so much. And not the crazy, scary Halloween.. but all that comes with Halloween. Like cooler weather and sweets and pumpkin carving and just the start of the season. Okay, so maybe it is November now and we are still in shorts, but Halloween does officially mark boot season! GiGi bought some age appropriate carving tools and we (ah hem... I) helped Liam to assemble the "pumpkin head" masterpiece.

 It only took 4 adult strength arms to complete the task!
The next day we went to the farmer's market in the new wagon I might add. It was absolutely gorgeous weather and we had the best time choosing fresh vegetables and baked breads.
The new section of the riverwalk is just beautiful. There were flowing waters, ducks bathing, and orange butterflies lining the side of the river. We could not pass up the moment to have a family photograph taken by one of my favorite photographers... my mommy!
Pappa got all nostalgic on us and decided to introduce Liam to an old favorite in Alamo Heights. The Kiddie Park! Liam was a little too small for the rides this visit, but he is going to absolutely love this place next summer. Airplanes and cars and boats.. oh my! We did enjoy a few stationary copters and a ride on the carousel. Of course I had to partake in cotton candy. I cannot believe that this place was still kickin.... it was so much fun just to look around.
After a much needed nap, we headed up to the park near my parents house to play on the new playground. What ever happened to good old fashion slides and swings?
There were things to twirl....
And swirl....
Enough to get you so dizzy, you needed a partner to help you stop!
Liam loved the squishy mounds to climb and run between. What a novel idea... hills!
Of course there was a little basketball and the testing of our favorite toy, the Plasma car. Remember this wink?
One of the things I enjoy most about San Antonio are all the kid friendly restaurants and outdoor venues. Esp. when the weather is nice. GiGi and Pappa know all the hot spots and we had the best lunches and dinners. On the final day of our trip, we took a visit to Fiesta Farms. Mom has been talking about this place for a while and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to check it out. Liam had a ball. What a cute birthday party venue!

There were tons of animals to feed including goats..
And pigs, and bunny rabbits, and donkeys and chickens and horses and ducks...
and peacocks???

But you know or favorite was the pony ride. We are still talking about riding the horse. I am pretty sure between Mea and GiGi, this kid has "horse" running through those genes. Too bad you only get two free rides! Who is buying Liam a pony?
Thanks for a wonderful weekend, we love you to pieces!


  1. Still having bad dreams about the swirl and twirl. Great trip though!

  2. Me too Bill! Thanks for reminding me...cuz you know about "pay backs" and I still owe you one for that spin!!! We loved having you guys...great post Kate....I found out about the childrens museum downtown....that's next!!! Oh yea, and the tower too! Can't wait for Christmas!!!!