Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Wink 012

Wednesday Wink 012

Need a Christmas or birthday idea for your 20month - well, adult? I cannot say enough good things about the Platinum Toy Award winning PlasmaCar. It truly is the perfect gift for all ages.

When I was little, my mom and dad would take my brother and I to the best toy store in San Antonio. One of the best toy stores ever if you ask me. Above FAO Schwartz in New York in my book because of the variety and personal consultations. I bought everything from ant farms, to rock tumblers, to babydolls, to mail order frogs from Toy Zone. The original owner still sits at the front desk and offers amazing  advice on the most age appropriate toy for boys and girls. He knows the best educational finds, the best unique gifts, and the most popular gifts. He is a toy wizard and I could have spent hours in there. Just like old times... I love that the original train still rounds the ceiling for the children to stare in awe. I love the set up of the aisles for easy to find products and the displays at every turn to test out your child's favorites. The extensive selection of Playmobile and trains caught my eye and I learned a wealth of information to prepare for Liam's second birthday. A true toy genius! I found some wonderful finds for Liam's Christmas which I am happy to share along with a few fun gifts for some special little friends turning two and one that just turned three. The Playmobile Advent calendars are AMAZING.

This trip my mom pulled down the PlasmaCar for Liam to play with while I shopped. I was amazed at how well he could maneuver the car. I loved that not only my 20 month old, but the 8 year old boy in the store was having a ball. I love toys that last and grow! And even though Liam is better at pushing the car with his feet at his age, he is learning how to move the car with the wheel. Great hand and eye coordination practice!
My dad walked up to the counter and pre-paid for one of these cars. To our surprise, we got to walk out of the store with one! Thank you Pappa! The only problem was that Liam was enjoying the ride on the purple and red car and our daddy had us choose from all red, black, or the green and blue. Liam's second choice (other than purple) was the blue... good pick!
Liam played with the car for hours. It was so much fun later at the park and I learned that it was just as much fun for a mommy to ride!
It has become a nightly activity for us to enjoy. Every night Liam brings me his car and says "Mamma.. race." This means that he would like for me to ride his car while he rides the Mator truck round and round the house in a race. A great work-out I tell you!

I highly recommend investing in one of these colorful cars! Let us know if you want to race!

Note: Kathryn's Camera is not associated with Toy Zone or PlasmaCar. These are personal reviews from our experiences.


  1. Too bad I am too big for the races.


  2. Two quotes come to mind, as this apple has not fallen far from his daddy's tree ;)

    Bye Bye in the beep beep! (as in Daddy's going bye bye to work in the car and he wanted to go, loved cars)

    And of course the ever popular one from the favorite movie --
    I feel the need ... the need for speed!

  3. We have one and love it!