Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Amelia

We picked the perfect group for our small birthday dinners. Not only because we are all good friends and enjoy spending an evening together over food and wine, but because our birthdays seem to be perfectly spaced throughout the year. Other than Ashley and I who messed up the system with back to back birthdays... the timing works out pretty wonderful. And yes, I am so behind on blogging that I am posting last months activities in this month, but I am working on it! promise. September is Amelia's month and we met up at City Center for dinner at Flora and Muse. (M'Lee was there... should have brought out camera earlier and we missed Jackie and Sue Ellen!)
I had never been and honestly thought it was just a coffee and floral shop, but there is a full restaurant with yummy mac and cheese. Alisa always finds new and fun spots for our dinners! It was really great to see Amelia and that growing baby bump. I had not gotten a chance to see her since the 'pop' and she is glowing.  A beautiful mommy-to-be. We are all so excited to meet baby boy McKnight and I am so happy for her. I was a little dissapointed; however because usually we were the ones that split the champaign on past birthdays... we will make it a double next year. wink! We settled for a baby appropriate berry dessert instead.
When it came time to present the group present (still my favorite thing we do), I was excited because I just loved this wallet. I really hope Amelia liked it too! I am suggesting a Pinterest account for each girl for future gifts. A wishlist would be fantastic because I know we all want to pick something the girls fall in love with. Happy Birthday Amelia and congratulations again!

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