Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Visiting Haley and Mike

On the final day of our Colorado trip, we headed back to Denver to spend time with the Maglieris! It was almost the exact weekend that we were celebrating their wedding last year. Perfect timing! Happy Anniversary!
It was the first time that Haley got to meet Liam and I could not have been more thrilled. Of course it was love at first sight! I am pretty sure that from the beginning he knew she was safe territory. That she loved him before they met and so it was okay to leap into her arms from the second we pulled into the driveway.
Haley had play dough and crayons and a firetruck to play with. She thought of everything even though we were only staying one night. It was little Pierre, however that caught Liam's attention. Liam absolutely loved Pierre, but 'monkey' was not really in the mood for small company! (he had a good excuse. Besides being the only child of the family, he had just returned from a doctor visit and was feeling a little under the weather) As an extra bonus we got in a visit with Haley's mom and dad who had walked down from the baseball game (how cool is that?). Debra is like a second mom and Scott always has me in stitches. They are just good people. So much fun to be around and I truly miss them. Not to mention missing Debra's famous breakup chocolate chip cookie sandwiches (or any other treat she bakes)! I was excited for them to see Liam. He is no grand-dog, Debra, but a close second. wink!
And I am pretty sure that little blond was like starring into the possible future!
When it was time for dinner, I was a little worried about Liam's eating habits since he had not been willing to touch much of anything the entire trip. Leave it to the Italian family cooking to hook Liam. Haley may have only married Italian, but she can definitely cook like one. (and with Betty Crocker as her mother, she is sure to cook up something delicious!)
Liam helped with the lasagna while i coated zucchini. Yea right Haley... I cannot get Liam to eat peas, much less zucchini.
I was completely wrong. Liam was popping zucchini wheels like they were candy. I was doing the happy dance! (we do this now at home and even slice squash.... THANK YOU HALEY)
While dinner was baking, we went up to the rooftop to enjoy the view, cool weather and wine. No wonder Haley and Mike chose this location. It was breathtaking.
Haley is one of my closest and dearest from middle school and I am so happy for her. So happy she is happy. So happy she found her soulmate. So happy she has a successful career. So very very happy and proud of her. I think that is when you know that you are truly friends with someone. When they are genuinely happy for you and you for them. When you haven't talked to them in weeks, but you pick up right where you left off. A friend that knows your past, your present, and knowing that, wants to be a part of your future. They are a call away for the good, the bad, and the silly. Whenever you need them. They are there to support you no matter what and no matter what anyone else says or thinks. A friend that forgives. A friend that loves you for you no matter what. I love you sweet Haley. Thanks for always standing up for me and for being there. Thank you for attacking the Exxon attendant so that I wouldn't get in trouble for using my credit card. Thank you for always including me. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life then and even more a part of who you are today.
We had a wonderful trip. Mike and Haley are amazing hosts and hostesses! We cannot wait to take Mike to a Houston Rodeo!

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