Wednesday, October 19, 2011

20 Months

I win the horrible mom award for month 20. Yes, I am aware that in three days Liam will be 21 months. I am aware that I am so completely behind on blogging. You should see my blog que. But in any case this is my adorable 20 month old.
I have been behind on blogging, because we have boarded the crazy train. We go, go go! And we have been having so much fun!
Liam had his very first airplane ride at 20 months, which is way ahead of his mother who received her wings at year 13... no joke. And after that trip, Liam has been working on mini-sentences. Like... "Mamma... ah, big ah pane" or "Mamma... ah, ide hors" or "Mamma... ah race." You remember when we lost the word mamma for all those months. Now, everything is addressed to mamma. haha! His little talk translates to Mamma, I rode in a big airplane and Mamma, I rode a horse and Mamma, I race (which is code for let's race on the cars).
Major theme for this month? Horses! Whether real or the carousel, Liam wants to ride a horse. It is a good thing that Mea chose the Horse themed rocker last Christmas. We love horses! I guess that means that the rodeo is going to rock his world in a few months. And no, we will not be purchasing a pony for his birthday!

I do have to brag on him a little bit because hey, its my blog and I can brag if I want to... Bill proceeded to cut out two horses from the play dough and place them next to each other. Liam looks up and says "Daddy, two Hors!" He was so excited. And so was Bill!!! We have been working on counting. I start with one and Liam does "two, tree, ive, sit, eben, ine and tin." So, we missed four and eight... Liam is the one counting not mom! haha!
I am totally in love with this age and then totally not in love with this age. The communication and the personality shining through is the best thing in the entire world. And the communication and the personality shining through is the worst thing. We are having a love/dislike relationship with almost two. And it is not that he is behaving badly are causing problems... it is more Liam, please do ____. To which he looks at me and says No! Really? No? Oh how I do not like that word. I also don't like the other mini sentence that we learned "Top it!" which is stop it. But with all this I know he is just testing boundaries and I am trying to pull out patience wherever I can find it. At least he is saying it nicely right? And as my mom always says... paypacks!!!! I guess I am getting what I deserve!
We still call everything bre-bast (breakfast) when he is hungry, but at least we know what he wants. He is a total chatterbox.. humm, wonder where on earth he gets it from?
My favorites this month are his kisses. From the butterfly to Eskimo, Liam loves kisses. Blowing kisses, real kisses and even making mommy and daddy kiss. Oh dear! But for this age it is simply the best. I love it when I get a kiss followed by a "Baboo Mommy." Melts my heart!


  1. I cannot believe that we have a 20 month old. I love you both more than you will ever know.

  2. ok...if you get the "bad mom award" - i am going to jail! are you kidding?? love your are one of the best moms i know - wish i had more time. miss yall - liam is precious.
    love, stephanie & harper

  3. What a sweetie, and he is getting so big!

  4. Um, I'm with Stehphanie...if you get the bad mom award, the rest of us should be serving time. You are one of the great ones - mom, wife, daughter, friend, etc, etc, etc - the list goes on. the new blog logo! Blog and photos just keep getting more engaging every month. Just there anything you don't do well? ;)

    One more totally, madly, hopelessly in love with that amazing 20 month old, especially after our day yesterday. Thanks again! Mea