Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Elise

When we first met little Elise, she was sitting across from Liam at the crayola table and clearly stated that she was going to write her name. We celebrated her birthday at a ladybug themed party at Gymboree about a month or so ago. Let that sink in... This girl is one smart little ladybug! I was just glad Liam knew what color crayon he picked... write his name? I just love watching toddler friends interact together and it is always a wonderful time at the gym. We have an amazing class with the most wonderful moms and I cannot wait to see these friendships grow. We received one of the best party favors to date and I plan to keep this in mind for future events. There was a basket of lady bug themed books such as "The Grouchy Ladybug" and "Ten Little Ladybugs" to choose from as we left the party. Liam wants to read his every evening and practice counting each "waddi gug" on the beautifully painted pages. The perfect gift for toddlers and mommies! I have a soft spot for Elise, and not just because that is my mother's name... maybe she can teach Liam how to spell his name! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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