Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Zoo Boo and Parade

This year we decided to attempt to brave the masses at Zoo Boo to spend a day with the animals and practice "trick-o-treating" before the real deal on Halloween. Honestly, it wasn't all that crowded. Pumpkin painting and Halloween activities was a bit of a loose term, but we still had a wonderful time. I am pretty certain that Noah and Liam didn't know the difference.
Paint pens and toddlers might not have been the best idea, but a little paint never hurt anyone and the boys really got into it.
Noah had never fed the giraffes before due to the specific window of opportunity of feeding times. We made it just in time! Of course you know these Robinsons never miss a chance to feed the giraffes!
 I guess I never really noticed just how large their heads were...
Oh how I love the giraffes!
I think the black tongues made Noah a little suspicious at first, but he was a pro by the last lettuce leaf.

We jumped on the carousel for an elephant and zebra ride before heading to the pond to dance.
It's pink... It's Lady Gaga... It's crazy zoo boo lady singing off tune to pop songs! I wonder what was going through her mind as she left that morning for the 'office!'
 The boys danced with hula hoops until it was time to go. We gave the Ellison family a wave as we passed them going out the door and headed home for naps. It was a pretty great morning!
 The following week was an exciting one at Liam's school with two parade days, pumpkin patch visits, school photos and two room parties. Between the hundreds of mommy elbows and ducking behind a post so that Liam wouldn't spot me and step out of line, I managed to get a couple of blurry photos. We tried to choose a costume that would not be so hot in this Houston weather and of course I chose something green... I know I am biased, but I was in love with my little golfer! and he even kept his hat on!
I really do not know how these teachers do it, but they are toddler whisperers. They eat together, nap at the same time and follow in line.... We are so blessed to have amazing teachers that love and care for Liam and watching him interact with all his friends makes my heart happy! It was a great start to the Halloween season!

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