Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two Chicks to Love

A few Fridays back, Marianne and I took these little friends to the Children's Museum.
Liam learned Lainey's name first out of all his girlfriends and who could blame him for not wanting to forget this beautiful chick? We are pretty smitten with Lainey.
The oversized Light Bright Box occupied most of our time at the tot spot. They completely took over the box and had so much fun. This would be an awesome addition to our playroom... Surely someone I know could build us one?
We played with flowers and cars, a perfect gender balance.
And then Marianne took us to the Chick House! I always thought that Liam was a little too young for the other activities, but I was so wrong!
This was one of the most amazing experiences. You can actually watch baby chicks being hatched and Liam could have hung out with his chicks for the rest of the afternoon. He got so excited everytime one would jump.
We colored one of the bird sheets and then back to chick watching we went!
Then off to Waterworks which was another great activity outside of the tot spot for Liam to enjoy. There is something about running water little ones cannot seem to get enough of.
Total concentration.
And what is running water without a boat?
We sat outside at the picnic tables for a quick lunch to round out our perfect morning at the museum! We are missing both our chicks and hope to see them both again very soon!

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  1. You should really try the other areas of the museum other than Tot Spot. You'd be amazed at what he can do at his age. He would love the old Mustang car and the ball run with pegs (idk the real name!). Miles loves the water outside too.