Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Special Gift

Things happen for a reason. Like being super behind on blogging and pulling up the next post in line in the most appropriate moment. A complete God Wink. Because even though he is no longer with us on this earth, he is forever in our hearts and always on my mind. I can see him... feel him... hear him... in all that I am and all that I do. Today a very special man was born. Today I am smiling. Today we remember Kenneth Stone's birthday.
A couple of weeks ago, Bruce and Ellen brought grandmother Billie Love to Houston for a much needed visit. It was wonderful to get to see her and watch Liam play as he completely showed off. I love watching the bond between Liam and his great-grandparents. They instantly get each other!

I cannot tell you the number of times I have cried out (a little pity party for myself) as I desperately wished… longed… for Liam to know his great-grandfather on my side. The great man for which he is partially named.
You see, when my parents left Corsicana and headed for San Antonio, a small table and chairs set laid in pieces in our attic. BUT I could not bare to part with even its pieces. It was the table and chairs that were built by my grandfather’s hands and given to me when I was a little girl. My Gran shopped and shopped for the perfect decals and my brother and I loved on those chairs until they literally broke into pieces. Ellen and Bruce were kind enough to store them in their office until Bill and I were settled and until recently, I hadn’t thought about them. The pieces built by these hands.
And the day that they came to visit, my mother-in-law gave me the most incredible gift that I will forever be grateful for. An irreplaceable gift. One of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. Ellen had the pieces restored to my little table and chairs for Liam to enjoy.
And there on the back of the table was a little whisper. Telling me that those hands are too involved in Liam's life. That he sees his great-grand son. And as I ran my fingers across those words, an overwhelming emotion filled my heart.
Liam played with those chairs for hours. He pointed out each of the decorations and sat in each of the chairs. He knew it was his.
And now that special gift sits in our kitchen, where already snacks are shared, choo choo trains roar, and coloring (lots and lots of coloring) happens. It is a little reminder that he is with us and my heart is full of happiness to see this little guy so content! XOXO


  1. Ok, I know I was warned...but I couldn't resist opening...I just hope I can make it through my next two class periods....It seems like yesterday when he and mom brought those in for Christmas! They were so proud of their handy work! And you were thrilled! What a sweet tribute to my Daddy....I love you Katy...Baboo Dad, Happy birthday.

  2. Bless you Katy for remembering. You were our first. He was so proud of you and I know he loves Liam and watches over him. I've been thinking about his loving heart all day. So grateful to Ellen for her precious gift to all of us. oxox

  3. Oh Kate! I got chills reading this. What a sweet and special gift for Liam to cherish.

  4. My little chairs are in my house, too. My children are too big to sit in them now but the American Girl dolls find them a lovely spot to enjoy a spot of tea. XO- love your granddaddy. A special, special man. There's an angel in heaven who can build anything and who does a fantastic briskit.

  5. UGH...I hate you! There should be a warning in 72 pt font in bold, italic, underlined, all caps! I would give anything in this world for Ethan to know my PawPaw. I know that my PawPaw would LOVE him and tell him stories and sing silly songs about the worm crawling in the elephant's snout. And he would play chutes and ladders and candyland with him. I miss him so terribly. But Ethan has my PawPaw's rocking chair in his room and the Velveteen Rabbit book that my Momma Scott used to read to me and I know that they're watching over us every day. Love this post and I hope that Liam knows just how special that table and chairs are!

  6. Great post about a great gift from a great man. I love you, and I know all of our grandparents that have passed are looking down from above and smiling.

  7. Fabulous post Kate! What precious memories for you to be able to have and share with Liam! I do believe that our loved ones are looking down at their great-grandbabies every day! My grandmother's rocker sits in my room and it's what my dad was rocked in, I was rocked in and Shauna was the latest generation to be rocked in and I know she enjoyed seeing Shauna in it! I'm sure your grandpa is looking down on Liam smiling as he plays with that table and chairs!

  8. Precious, precious post KRob! I can still see Liam moving each chair over and over again. Just like his great grandfather (and his Mommy,right? wink!). I love you!