Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Robinson Family Vacation 3

The annual Robinson Family vacation to Galveston has changed...
It took looking back here and here, to realize just how much!

Family Vacation 2009 and one on the way

Showing off the maternity suit!

Family Vacation 2010

Braces Happy!
Just how much our little family has grown and how much older I suddenly appear! I guess that is what parenthood does for you. Maybe that and pushing thirty. And to be honest, I am kind of loving it. So what if there are a few more gray hairs or wrinkles or loose skin around the belly. Things have changed for the better.
I now get to enjoy an extra set of tiny toddler footprints along side mine in the sand. And those, too come with age.
This Galveston weekend vacation was my favorite yet. 45 minutes to vacation. You just don't get any better than that. (unless of course you live in NY and can call on the Hamptons...)
We practically had the entire beach to ourselves and Liam ran every inch of that beach front as toddler humanly possible screaming the entire way! Galveston may not have those sugary white beaches, but to a 19 month old, this type of sand couldn't be better. The harder the sand, the better for running...
And of course that black sand had to be re-tested for taste!
The first night we headed to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Bill and I had stopped by the one in the mall once or twice to let Liam pet the elephant and admire the alligator so we were so excited to get to experience the entire restaurant. We just knew Liam would love it!
As we made our entrance through the saltwater tanks, Liam pressed his nose against the glass to get a better look at Nemo! I think that we should have stopped at the tanks...
 Because we sat underneath this pretty lady, who with her friends created a wild gorilla grunting dance every ten minutes, along with trumpeting elephants, roaring lions and darkening lights.
Every ten minutes, this little guy buried his face into mommy's chest.
And don't be fooled by the photo of this large chicken fried steak... it was a steak half-empty!
But these two strong dads melted away the fears with knuckle pumps. I think we will give the cafe another try in a few years!
The rest of the vacation could not have been more relaxing and perfect. I cannot tell you how long it has been since I let everything go and took a two hour nap with my baby. It was the very best.
It is amazing how much joy a bucket of water and sand can bring to a little boy.
These two went back and forth to get pails of water. It was such a sweet interaction.
We hunted sea shells...
and played football with the boys.
Liam was the center of attention and he knew it!
He suckered Aunt Nolie into taking him out on the deck and watching for boats every chance he got. He is totally in love with "Olie."
And he had not one, but two bubble blowers as to ensure there was a neverending stream to chase and pop!
We took in as much sun as we could handle!
 And then showered and changed into appropriate beach attire for a photographic walk along the beach at sunset.
 We found the perfect spot between two beach homes to take a few family photos.
And with my new remote, we could time the photos to shoot whenever we wanted! Tah-dah!
 Yep... they still have it!
 Mornings in the condo started with breakfast and morning coffee/milk cheers!
 And Mea filled the living room with baskets of toys.
 We couldn't leave Galveston without icecream and pina coladas on the Murdochs porch.
 It was love at first push pop!
 Because we were in denial about leaving our precious mini-vacation and because we were a mere 45 minutes from home, we spent our last evening poolside, sipping wine and finishing off the last of the groceries.
I love being a Robinson! Thanks for another great weekend at the beach!


  1. And OH how we love that you're a Robinson, sweet girl! Thanks for the beautiful photos and the excellent commentary. Brought back all the happiness!
    BaBoo. Mea

  2. Great Family! Great Vacation! Great Times! Great Post! Great Wife, Mom, and Blog Author!

  3. Look at Liam in his little jeans that first year, what a cutie!!

  4. Great intro on the perspective of time flying by. Your blogging gets better and better! I am going to renew my subscription for another year. Those of us who are Robinsons by birth are mighty blessed by you who are Robinsons by choice. Thank the Lord for Bill's salesmanship. Cheers! Pop

  5. I think everyone looks younger every year (except for Liam of course) What special memories you have! Everyone looks great!

  6. Ha. I love Gigi and Pop's comments!

    Miles was scared TO DEATH of Rainforest Cafe. Especially when all the animals went crazy and started making noises. Hopefully the next time, he'll be better.