Friday, September 9, 2011

"Official" Photography Business

This little beauty is turning 3.
We have a super special bond with the Petersen family. We fell in love with that tiny 5 pound baby girl almost 3 years ago and we are absolutely thrilled for baby girl #2 because we know we are going to feel exactly the same way about her! Ashley is an incredible mom and friend and so when she asked if I would officially take photos of Ella before her baby sister arrives, I was excited... and flattered. One rule, however... its totally not "official." This was to be a girl's morning out with tons of laughter, fun and of course... best girlfriends! (but I added an offical stamp as a compromise)
Ella is simply gorgeous just like her mom.
 We snuck up to the fountain so quiet in search of the special fountain fairies that only appeared when three year old girls smiled for the camera! wink!
We stopped to smell the flowers...
And took a break on the bench to giggle at her silly mom!
I could not have had a more enjoyable morning with these girls! Thank you so much for letting me "play" with you.
And my absolute favorite of the day... that beloved pink bunny!


  1. I love these pictures! You captured some great moments!!

  2. Kate, these are amazing pictures!!

  3. Beautiful photos just like my gorgeous niece! I can't believe how big Ella is now...I have not seen her in almost a year! Can't wait to have our session next weekend with Ella and Isabella. Look forward to meeting you! You are one talented photographer and a very creative mom!

  4. To quote the great Texas photographer, Keith Carter, who photographed our family twice in Midland years ago...anyone can take photos, but I want to capture the magic of that moment in your life. He did and so do you. You've totally captured Ella's magic, KRob. SO proud of you!! BaBoo.

  5. You did great! When is the official photog website coming up?