Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goat Brushing with Nolie

Ever since we received a family membership to the zoo from the Blairs, we have tried to make as many trips as possible, because there is so much to do and see for toddlers. Besides the fact that he loves it! Best present ever Caroline!
On this zoo trip we took Aunt Nolie! She was such a trooper.
This visit they were feeding the lions. Up close, they are so much larger. Liam practiced several loud roars and was in a trance watching them snack.
The entrance to the African Safari is still a favorite spot. We made lots of music.
And why these gorillas don't make Liam 'ape' nuts beats me? Let me get this straight, fake gorillas in a restaurant are 'cling for your life' kind of frightening and live chest beaters and nose pickers are hilarious! Just wanted to make sure that was clear.
And oh the giraffes!!! Lots and lots of them. I just love the giraffes. Have I ever told you that? In case you missed Liam's nursery or the other ten posts about these magnificent animals. Giraffes and Peacocks... is that weird? I hope I am blessed with a girl one of these days... cause I am thinking Peacocks!!!
We dared to enter the gates of the goats. I am working on erasing the memory from our first visit but no matter how many times we successfully pet the goats, I cannot seem to shake that awful mommy moment. I am really working hard at it though since we have graduated to actually brushing the goats!
Maybe with the wrong end, but still counts right?
You can count the salt and pepper goat fully groomed. Liam followed him around the entire pin. (He had a love for this goat the first time around) Once a little girl attempted to brush Mr. Pepper's coat, but Liam was not loving her style and made sure the goat had the perfect look. A look only a 20 month old boy named Liam could manage.
We tried convincing Liam to brush Mr. Pepper's brother, but that lazy goat was no Mr. Pepper.
At the end of the day, we took a ride on the Choo Choo!
Thanks Aunt Nolie for another wonderful day at the zoo.


  1. How fun! On our last zoo trip, we got there at the right time and actually got to feed the giraffes! They were super gentle and so cute up close. I thought of you first thing - if you haven't done it yet you totally should!

  2. Thanks again for the invite, can't wait to go again soon. Liam can brush goats or watch giraffes or make choo-choo noises with Aunt Nolie any day!