Thursday, September 8, 2011

Go Texans

It took my husband 6 years in Houston to finally become a Texans' fan. They owe it all to #38 Danieal Manning!
We could not be more thrilled to be able to watch Danieal on the field again. I may not be in my blue & gold cheerleading uniform and Bill may not be on the field with him... but you better believe that we are there supporting in the stands! It was truly so much fun.
Fun not only because we were watching a fellow Corsicana Tiger, but because we were with the Domanns and the little boys were with babysitters!
Carin and Trey are just a blast to hang out with and we enjoy spending time with them. Especially when it means that the big boys can talk football all evening while Carin and I enjoy wine and good conversation. I respect them so much and as always I left feeling blessed to have their friendship! Love you both to pieces. Go Texans!


  1. Oh goodness. This post brings back sucn amazing memories of many happy years of Friday night lights in the Can. Those Tiger boys were a great team. Loved the years with them in our lives...and often in our kitchen! What fun that, as I watched Bill, Danieal and the guys play and you cheer, y'all would be where you are today. So proud of all of you. God is good! BaBoo.

  2. D-Man! Go Texans (just don't tell the Cowboys)!