Friday, September 9, 2011

19 Months

At 19 months we are tipping the scales at 28 pounds and reaching heights of 32 inches...
That means we can open doors... and shut them. Wonderful discovery for Liam, terrible for mommy!

And the language... oh the language. Liam pretty much says a new word everyday and so it is just impossible to capture vocabulary anymore! I am really enjoying this communication train. He will let you know when he wants up or when he would like to get down. He will show you what he would like for a snack and sometimes request it by name. He also can tell you what he would like to play with which more than likely are blocks, colors, trains, boats, cars, or bubbles. It opens up a whole new world for us. There are certainly several large gaps in our communication... but I feel those closing in.
When we went for our 18 month check-up, Dr. T asked us if Liam had been potty trained. I am sorry, what? Did I miss something here? We don't even have a potty! To which he replied no worries... babies usually potty train between the ages of 18 months and 4. Talk about a large gap! I pretty much knew Liam wasn't ready for the potty... or at least I thought I knew. Maybe mommy wasn't ready. I can just picture myself in the grocery store with a cart full or groceries and that little voice chiming in with "mommy, I have to go potty." Diapers are expensive, but in this case I am pretty sure they are cost effective! So, we bought a potty. More like bathroom decoration!

But that night when we were getting ready for our bath, I asked Liam if he wanted to sit on his "Pah-eee." Of course he did! And when he stood up... I am not kidding you folks, tee tee. Yup! Of course I ran around cheering like a crazy woman... think flashbacks of "Look Who's Talking" where they wear the lid on their heads dancing around singing "Pee Pee in the Pa-T!" Could it possibly be this easy.... joke is on me! Next night, we get undressed and ready for bath and I ask again, "Liam, do you need to go potty?" He sits down, gets up and peers into the potty. Nothing. No cheers mom? No problem. He quickly reached into the bath, scooped up some water and dumps it into the potty. Turns to me and claps "Yea!" Not the right color. Not the right concept.
And more on the potty-talk since I know you love it so much... we started letting mommy know when we went "poo poo." Which I thought we would never do as it truly never bothered the kid. Like play... do business... grunt... go back to play. He even comes to me before sometimes and tells me "poo poo mommy." And then shocker the other day when he got out of the pool he stated "poo poo pah-ee." And no... no poo poo has reached the actual potty, but open conversation is always a plus right? (no appropriate potty photos to share...)

We pretty much have all our teeth now except for the 2 year molars which is just crazy!
And we shave every morning with daddy. HE LOVES IT!!! (Scroll down and pause the music before playing video)

He officially knows several of his colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Brown, Purple, White, and Black. Where is orange you ask? No clue! We also sing "If your Happy and You Know It" and do all the hand motions, which I think it totally adorable as any mom would and have mastered the "Kan-koo" part of Please and Thank you. Makes me feel like a more successful mom.

One of the cutest new baby tricks is the tugboat horn, which he learned from his Aunt Nolie in Galveston.
And topping the charts of cutest baby tricks learned in Galveston? Cheers!
Probably one of the hardest transitions this month was saying Goodbye to his infant teachers and classmates and moving up to the toddler room. There are so many more faces... new faces and it is all a little overwhelming. I hear that it takes about 2 weeks and so I am really hoping that he will grow to love this class as much as he did his other class. I absolutely hate leaving an upset child and it totally rips at my heartstrings knowing that if I wasn't a working mommy, he wouldn't be upset. I know.. change is hard whether you are 19 months or 90. This too shall pass.

I am so totally in love with our 19 month old. Swoon.


  1. Cheers, Laim! Loved the shaving video. Too cute. Wonderful post on potty training. Thanks for not mentioning my bad habit. 60 year old dogs have a hard time with new tricks, but I'm working on gender sensitive seat etiquete so I won't be a bad influence on KSR. Name withheld to protect the guity.

  2. I literally laughed out loud while reading this at work about Liam getting the bath water and putting it into the potty! That is so funny! Kids amaze me at the things they think to do to get the same reaction out of you!

  3. I love that little guy!

  4. Loved hearing Liam's sweet voice on this post. He is so bright and beautiful I tear up with joy just watching him. Proud of Liam's parents too. Gran oxoxo

  5. So completely many precious moments! He is one amazing little guy and you two are remarkable parents.Definitely "standing on our shoulders", as Pop always says! Thanks for sharing your beautiful Robinson III family journey with us. Beyond grateful for and proud of all three of you.

    Can't wait to see the Galveston pics. That last blog pic is now my screen saver! Totally beautiful! What a relaxed and magical time that was, captured by our own family pro! :)

    Thanks for the time tonight...know it's in short supply this weekend. Such a gift to be with you...Love you guys so much!

  6. These are so adorable! The one by the beach house seriously looks like an ad for a tv show or something. You take such great photos (and you have such an adorable little subject)!