Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lupe Birthday

Here's to another birthday dinner with the girls.

M'Lee added a little more excitement when she showed up carrying Baby Aria in a sling across her chest! She is going to make an incredible mom... just not yet.
M'Lee is a friend that you know you can always count on. She always makes an effort and is sincere and thoughtful with all her friends. You know you can lean on her friendship, because it is as solid as it comes and there is never a favor too large to ask. M'Lee is a friend that knows what you need sometimes before you know yourself. She is honest and tells it like it is. We all love M'Lee.
And even though she shares her real birthday with a special little 2 year old, and we were playing at Gymboree that day... we made up for it with a celebration at Lupe Tortillas! Better late than never, right?
We order fajitas all around and doubled-up on margaritas because hey, it's girl's night!

Happy Birthday to an amazing girlfriend that I can always count on. Love you to pieces!

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  1. LOOOOOOVE Lupe's! Too bad the new one we just got in P-land doesn't have a sandbox. Miles loves playing in it!