Monday, April 18, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

And my comment bubble has burst!

I have been extra slow on posting this week as my entire family has the crud. When I called our ENT to make an appointment the receptionist asked for the patients name which I quickly responded with which of the three of us do you want first? One of the many perks of daycare, the crud!

Two weekends ago my parents agreed to watch the baby so that Bill and I could celebrate the wedding of Ryan and Laura. Laura made an absolutely stunning bride and I do not think I have ever seen Ryan so happy. It was such a beautiful wedding.

Ryan and Bill were fraternity brothers in college and so we have known him a pretty long time. He is incredible with Liam. Ryan Smith is a child whisperer. Yes, even though I do not think he would admit it, he is amazing with children and he is going to be a great dad one day.
The way he looks at Laura is something special. They danced like no one else was watching.
The Texas A&M Sigma Chi brothers had a great time catching up. Back to their old tricks of course! I know they are planning a big alumnae weekend, but there is always fun to be had when this crew gets together. My only complaint is that they refused to sing the "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" to Laura on her day. I know we are way past college, but I still think it is incredibly special to see these guys perform... oh well! I said my peace.
To kick off the evening and put everyone in the dancing mood, we were entertained by a very special guest performance by yours truly, Brian Mitchell! Another brother whom I totally love. He is afraid of nothing and willing to do just about anything. A genuine guy who we all agreed we have not seen this happy in a while. Mitchell, you made the blog!! wink.
The rest of the dancers quickly followed.
It was wonderful catching up with old friends and reliving a few college days. Bill and I drank and danced as if we did not have any responsibilities.
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Smith!


  1. awww, I'm smiling at my desk at work. Thanks for such sweet words and pictures. :) We're so glad everyone had fun.

    Hope you guys start feeling better soon!

  2. Great night and a great post. I think you and I were the 2nd best dancers that night... behind Mitchell and the Grandmother. Love you.